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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/6/2018 4:24 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr. -- December 6, 2018

Q: On heading into Washington 4-8:
A: Iím excited about Washington. Another opportunity to go out there Sunday and do what we do. Since the bye week, weíve been playing at a very, very high level and I just hope that we can continue that. Thatís really all that we can do at this point. Leave the rest of the season up to everybody else and just focus on what we can control, which is our games, winning our games, and see what happens. Not really much more to say than that.

Q: How much do you relish the opportunities like when the coach calls that play for you to throw a pass, Carolina and last week? Even when you hear the call come in, what goes through your mind about how much of a difference you can make on plays like that?
A: I would say a very anxious feeling just knowing that you got the opportunity to make a play. I told Bennie (Fowler) all week, I was like I donít care what happens, I donít care what happens, Iím throwing it to you. They really doubled him, like big time doubled him. I was going to take off running, I kind of just picked my head up and saw him down there, so anytime I get a chance to throw the ball, I love it. I think quarterback is maybe one of the most fun positions. I know itís a lot of work and itís very hard, but thereís no feeling like throwing a touchdown pass, I donít feel like. Catching one is cool, but throwing one is a lot more special.

Q: Whatís it say about this team that even after 1-7 and losing to Philly that you guys would hang around and beat a team in overtime like the Bears and there was no give up and no quit?
A: Kind of the last thing you said that there is no give up. Thereís no quit in this team and even early on in the season, we never quit. I guess maybe they just fought harder than us. We lost those games three, four points, five points, instead of winning them. Maybe if we dug down one or two series more, the outcome wouldíve been different, but thatís NFL football. This teamís got a lot of fight in them and weíve been showing that a lot more since the bye week.

Q: So many guys were hurt in the game and they found a way to get back on the field and help out-
A: Like (Sterling) Shep?

Q: Yeah like Sterling and then (Landon) Collins Ė
A: Yeah Landon Ė I remember Landon, he messed his shoulder up on one play and he went into the locker room and I saw him come back out and he was telling me he was like, I donít know, I donít know. I was like, Ďbro, we need you, we just need you, the gameís almost over, we need to go and make one more stopí, and just to see that fight that he has and for Shep, what he was dealing with, I had what heís dealt with before. Itís your ribs and itís doing all those things, so itís great to see guys just never give up, go out here and give it all for their team. Kind of reminds me of I feel like last year when I was hurt, like there was a part of me that I know like I shouldnít have been playing as early as I was, I shouldnít have been back. Iím in the locker room with these guys everyday and the season finally rolled around, you donít want to feel like youíre letting anybody down. I think thatís probably one of the toughest positions to be in where you have to choose do I take care of myself, my family, my future or do I give it for the team and to see those guys do that, itís a great thing.

Q: Whatís your reaction to seeing Landon go down for the season? Obviously you can relate because you went through that last year.
A: Before it happened, I was already talking to him and just he felt like he was in a tough situation to risk something that couldíve been worse. You never know what that couldíve lead to. Now heís playing out there and in the back of his mind heís thinking something about his shoulder and then something worse happens, so thatís just the decision him and his family had to make and at the end of the day, I feel like heís always going to make the decision thatís best for him and his future and Iím just hoping recovery goes well. He obviously can bounce back. Heís just one of those guys whoís different, so itís unfortunate. I wish we had him for the rest of the season. Heís our captain, heís our leader and he will be missed.

Q: How important is it for you to have his back?
A: This is a guy I remember when draft time came around, I felt like I spoke it into existence. I wanted him to be here. I was like, man, we got to get Collins and second pick, second round Ė right? First round?

Q: Top of the round. First pick, second round.
A: Something like that. We got him and this was a guy who I knew what we were getting. We played him in college, I tried to catch him a few times while he wasnít looking, but he always seemed to find me at the last minute, so itís tough. This is a guy who Iíve been playing seven-on-seven with since we was in high school and just to see him go down, itís not easy for any of us, but itís football and itís life and it happens.

Q: Is there any sense of ďwhat ifĒ going into this game? If you had beaten Philly going into this game, you got Dallas at home Ė
A: Trust me, I think about it all the time. When I said what I said, it wasnít like just saying this for any reason, attention of any kind to make a story. Itís just what I believed and the way that we played, what I believed was pretty much right there in front of us except for us not finishing that Philly game, which I just hope that itís not the one thatís going to haunt us. At this point, we really can only focus on Washington. Thereís no Ďwhat ifí. Weíre going out there to win and if our seasonís over, Iím making sure somebody else is coming home with us, thatís the goal. The goal is to win all these games and see what happens, but if not, youíre going to have a tough game to play against us for the last four games.

Q: How much pride do you take in a block like you made in overtime on Saquonís (Barkley) big run and then also how tough is blocking for him because heís so unpredictable? He can be on the opposite side of the field and then all of a sudden heís on your back.
A: Heís just that different, heís that special. To be honest, me and my mom talk about it all the time like I havenít had that one block where I like Ė I mean, I had a block, but I mean a real good one. Not just got in somebodyís way and stopped him on Philly like right before he scored and then where I went to the heater and I was trying to get myself hyped up, which is right after I got a block for him after he scored, but that one in overtime, Iím seeing Ė I remember (Kyle) Fuller was out there, he bounced it and I just heard Fuller say, Ďoh, shit.í I tried to push him out of the way and when he went out of bounds, Iím like alright Iím going to try and get (Eddie) Jackson and if I couldíve maybe just laid it all out there and got that one block, he couldíve sprung down the sideline and scored. Those moments are special. Everybodyís up front blocking. To sustain a block down field is not a very easy thing to do. Especially with him back there, weíre running a play to the left, heís bouncing all the way back right or heís running all the way right and bouncing all the way back left. Like I did in the Philly game, sometimes itís best to get out of his way. Heís going to make everybody right and heís going to get to that end zone.

Q: In terms of when you do get an opportunity to pass, do you need to know that ahead of time? Do you need to like warm up or anything?
A: Coach (Mike) Shula came up to me before the game and heís like, you know can you throw a wet ball with your gloves on and Iím like, coach, donít worry about it, I got this. Just joking, but dead serious at the same time and the opportunity came up. Heís like, donít go adjusting your gloves and letting them know youíre going to throw it. Donít worry about it, Iím going to throw this ball. Either way it goes, Iím going to make a play or I wouldnít throw it away. I donít want to mess up my perfect QBR.

Q: Do you have to watch your body language on plays like that?
A: I think you got to watch your body language on any plays, but yeah more specifically, I donít want to give it away like Iím about to do something tricky, so anytime you see me catch a reverse, itís all eyes like Ė and they covered him up and I just remember seeing (Russell) Shep running down the field and I was like somethingís just Ė this canít be real. We looked at each other and it was like, this is my guy. I went to college with him. He helped become the man I am today. He was always there for me and to be able to throw it to him of all people. I called him after the game and I was like, Ďbro, I feel like I had a terrible game, thereís things I couldíve done here, but you made my day. That made my day to see you just catch a touchdown.í It was a good feeling.
Seems hyped up,  
section125 : 12/6/2018 4:54 pm : link
even at interviews.
One of his better ones  
mattlawson : 12/6/2018 5:07 pm : link
Clear he loves winning
I played WR and TE  
Joey in VA : 12/6/2018 11:28 pm : link
Hearing the oh shit means you either block the next guy or you are going to be in a pile of bodies. It's not reading anything it's not that planned, it's reading the DB or LB and hoping you guess right. I remember one time our RB was just steam rolling people and I was play side, I heard "aw fuck" and the LB looked at my right shoulder so I took him right to give our RB cut back room. Wrong..WRONG! He was on my tail grabbing my pads and the LB tricked me. I got buried in a LB, CB, RB and me mish mash. Stupid RBs.
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