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NFT: RIP Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks

John In CO : 12/6/2018 8:52 pm
Died today of a Heart Attack at 63. While I wouldn't call myself a HUGE fan, I for sure was a big fan of the Singles Going Steady album. I wore that thing out for a period of time. Saw them in concert about 20 years ago and they were fantastic. He will be missed.
Pete Shelley Dead at 63 - ( New Window )
micky : 12/6/2018 9:06 pm : link
Saw them a few times
The Buzzcocks were  
mattyblue : 12/7/2018 1:31 am : link
a really fun band with some great tunes. Sad news
buzzcocks were fantastic  
Sonic Youth : 12/7/2018 1:46 am : link
FranchiseQB : 12/7/2018 4:45 am : link
punk legends for sure
giantfan2000 : 12/7/2018 8:23 am : link
such a bummer
they were great
made a brief splash  
fkap : 12/7/2018 8:47 am : link
as a solo artist, too. Homosapien and Telephone Operator are amongst my faves
Buzzcocks first album is fantastic.  
Section331 : 12/7/2018 11:17 am : link
Probably the best punk band not named the Clash. RIP.
Clash were never really punk  
Vanzetti : 12/7/2018 10:23 pm : link
They get labeled that way but really they were never part of the punk movement

The British punks were bands like:

Abrasive Wheels
Sham 69
UK Subs
Stiff Little Fingers (Irish)
The Exploited
Chaos UK
Angelic Upstarts
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