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Thursday Media Transcript: DL B.J. Hill

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/6/2018 9:08 pm
DL B.J. Hill -- December 6, 2018

Q: How, specifically, do you think you are a better player now? Even from a month ago when you played the Redskins earlier this season.
A: Iím just trying to help the team win any way that I can, from stopping the run to getting to the quarterback.

Q: Is it more techniques, is it maturity, is it toughness? What do you think is the secret to becoming better?
A: Working with teammates and still learning the defense. Thatís what I would say.

Q: Bettcher talked about your maturity and that he thinks that has helped you as the season has gone on. Where does your maturity come from?
A: Thatís how I was raised. I was mature, I was raised that way and the college that I came from. They made sure I was mature and I was ready for the next level.

Q: Are you like an old soul? Or just kind of taking care of things the right way?
A: Kind of both I would say.

Q: How have you been able to show that youíre not only a run stopper, but a pass rusher as well?
A: It feels good. I believe the defense has come along really well the last couple of games. Itís not just me getting the sacks, but itís all of us. Like I said, it takes all of us getting the sacks.

Q: How did your job change when Damon ďSnacksĒ Harrison got traded?
A: I just got more snaps. It really hasnít changed, just got more snaps.

Q: Did you feel a need to be more productive?
A: I just want to help the team win. Thatís what it comes down to. I just want to help the team win, just playing two, three, 20 snaps, it doesnít matter, I just want to help the team win.

Q: Have you gotten more head-on-head with the center? Or shuffled along the defensive line?
A: No, nothing has changed. Just have gotten more snaps. Thatís about it.

Q: How has (DL) Kerry Wynn help you become a better player?
A: Heís helping me understand the defense, and helping me with my pass rush, and stuff like that.

Q: Did you expect to have a role this big coming in?
A: My role was just to help the team win. That was my goal from day one when I got drafted until whenever.

Q: The Giants have never had a rookie lead the team in sacks. Is that something youíre eyeing?
A: Like I said, Iím just here to help the team win any way possible. It is what it is now, canít really complain about it.

Q: Coming out of college, you werenít as well known as some of your line mates. Did that bother you?
A: No, football is a team sport. We had a great defensive line. (Broncos LB Bradley) Chubb went #1. Then we had another dude, Justin Jones went the third round. No, it really didnít bug me at all, because I knew I was always going to get a chance at the next level, and thatís all you really need.

Q: Did you even think about starting as a rookie?
A: Whatever happens, happens. If I was playing one, or two snaps, it doesnít matter. I just want to help the team win.

Q: What made this scheme or this team the right fit for you?
A: I donít know, just the coaches and how they brought me along, even the players as well. You can tell from game one to now how weíve come together as a group, and weíre fighting, and weíre playing tough, and weíre playing together.

Q: Do you feel like you guys are building something great with that young defensive line?
A: For sure, we do have some young guys coming up. Yeah, I believe we have something special thatís coming.

Q: Why are you getting more sacks now as a team than maybe four or five weeks ago?
A: I think the team is just coming together and just playing as one now. You can see the way weíre playing, the way weíre practicing, the way we just go about ourselves on a day-to-day basis.

Q: Is it different from what was done before?
A: You can tell, the way weíre playing now, compared to the first game.

Q: How much of an adjustment has it been living in this area?
A: It is way different from North Carolina. Itís the way you carry yourself, how you go along with yourself. Iím a low-key guy, I donít do much. Itís kind of easy for me. Iím really not a big city guy. I go to the city a little bit, not too much. Traffic here is pretty bad. So, thatís one thing I had to get used to.

Q: What does it feel like to sack a quarterback?
A: It feels pretty good, Iím not going to lie, especially three in one game. It was an amazing feeling, especially when you got the guys behind you celebrating with you, and congratulating you.

Q: Do you have three different dances?
A: No, Iím just a chill guy. I donít do nothing too crazy.

Q: Did you get any slack from guys for not having a sack dance?
A: No, they didnít say nothing, they didnít say nothing at all.

Q: For a defensive lineman, Iím guessing sacking the quarterback is the top feeling?
A: Oh yeah, who doesnít want to get a sack. Thatís like a wide receiver who doesnít want to get a touchdown, right? So, thatís how I compare it.
Is it possible we have finally hit on a 3rd round pick?  
Rjanyg : 12/7/2018 10:38 am : link
I love Zo Carter as well so getting both of these guys in the 3rd round and having them be productive players their first years is excellent.

Say what you want about DG but his first draft looks to be very good.
Nice to have a guy...  
Dan in the Springs : 12/7/2018 10:44 am : link
who is producing on the field and who also seems to get it, in terms of letting his play on the field speak for itself, not about the self-promotion, but focused on the team play. A bit of a contrast from what's regularly seen around the league and our team is full of guys that do the same.

Lots of complaints about DG and PS, but they are building a team of the right kind of guys, at least imho.
I don't think it would be considered self promotion if he just  
Ten Ton Hammer : 12/7/2018 8:15 pm : link
answered very basic questions instead of just saying the word 'team' over and over like a recording.
Sounds like he learned how to do his interviews  
Jimmy Googs : 12/8/2018 7:52 am : link
from Crash Davis on Bull Durham...
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