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Friday Media Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/7/2018 3:15 pm
TE Evan Engram -- December 7, 2018

Q: Given the obstacles youíve had to fight through this year with the injuries, how much do you want to finish strong and really kind of end the season on a good note?
A: Thatís really important to me. Not even just for myself, but for the team. We have a couple more opportunities left, couple more division games, big games, and itís a couple of opportunities to go out and keep doing what weíve been doing and thatís been working hard, thatís been playing good football. Just starting fast, accomplishing the things we want to accomplish and so itís definitely important to me that I do my job and I have a helping hand in doing all that.

Q: What are you expecting here, your role to be upon your return?
A: Whatever Iím asked. I had a good week of practice, have a great game plan in and thereís going to be opportunities to make plays throughout the game so Iím just going to be there when my numberís called.

Q: Working the slot versus on the line, what does that allow you to do with your skillset?
A: I like both honestly, but in the slot Iím able to have more freedom like different types of releases and the DB is kind of more on an island, especially in man coverage, and in zone, itís kind of easier to be able to read where the guys are dropping and stuff. When you get in line and youíre at the line of scrimmage, itís a really good mismatch out there and itís definitely easier for a defender to kind of play man if he wants to choke you or press you up there, you got D-Linemen in the way and stuff, so itís a lot kind of harder, but if you win that matchup in the in-line position, then itíll be good for you as well.

Q: What matchup do you like better, the linebacker or the defensive back? Thatís your thing, right, you can create mismatches Ė
A: I like seeing linebackers out there, but itís rare. They usually have some DBís out there, but I definitely would prefer a linebacker. A little bit more athletic and I can kind of use my speed and still be physical to win.

Q: Are these division games you played where you have carry over so much that you guys play each other so much this year and next year Ė
A: Yeah, the division games mean a lot. No matter what the circumstance youíre in in the season, a division game on the road is a big game, so definitely a lot of history in this division, a lot of kind of big rivalries across the whole division. Any division game is big, the whole week is big from the preparation and itís important to do our job and come out with a win against a division opponent.

Q: Do you feel the history? I mean youíre a young player and a lot of the history dates back probably before you were born.
A: I think the fans kind of help me feel that. These division games mean a lot to them. You see it all on social media and you see it on TV and you see it kind of out there, just the importance and the history, all the classic moments that these games have had in this division and all the great teams that have been in this division. Itís kind of easy to get reminded of that.
Starting fast?  
CT Charlie : 12/7/2018 4:51 pm : link
I get the importance of doing things right, right from the beginning, but I always worry that focusing on a good start creates a mindset that allows one to slow down subconsciously as the game goes on. I'd prefer something like "do your job" or "make every play count" or "play good football for 60 minutes" or "play every down for your teammates." Ah, well, for Engram who knows when and how much he'll be playing anyway.
Every time I see an interview with EE...  
jnoble : 12/7/2018 5:17 pm : link
...I can't stop noticing how many times he uses the word "definatly"

Sort of like how Coughlin always used "opportunity" and "outstanding" when he spoke
A couple of thoughts on Engram...  
Dan in the Springs : 12/7/2018 5:48 pm : link
first, I wonder if he took any advice from OBJ or SB on how they recovered from their hamstring injuries. They clearly addressed their issues as they didn't return. This injury really seems to hurt speed athletes if they don't treat it properly. Many Giants athletes seem to have a specific regimen to take care of their bodies (Barkley mentions it all the time) and with the litany of injuries that Engram has had you have to wonder if he's doing the same kinds of things or if he's got some other process he follows.

Second, we all know about his struggles blocking on the line. One block I've seen him miss consistently is the EDGE player on his inside shoulder. They seem to always get inside on him and he's resorting to a kind of grab/push approach that just doesn't work. I'd love to hear him address what the proper technique is for this kind of blocking assignment and really what he's doing to win in these situations going forward.
RE: Every time I see an interview with EE...  
mrvax : 12/7/2018 7:13 pm : link
In comment 14208761 jnoble said:
...I can't stop noticing how many times he uses the word "definatly"

Sort of like how Coughlin always used "opportunity" and "outstanding" when he spoke

Eli always uses "obviously".
RE: RE: Every time I see an interview with EE...  
jnoble : 12/7/2018 9:06 pm : link
In comment 14208823 mrvax said:
In comment 14208761 jnoble said:


...I can't stop noticing how many times he uses the word "definatly"

Sort of like how Coughlin always used "opportunity" and "outstanding" when he spoke

Eli always uses "obviously".

Do you want to get shit faced drunk as fast as possible? Take a shot everytime Eli says "you know" during his radio interviews with Mike F
I started counting 5 minutes into it and got up to over 20 within a couple minutes. Its a verbal crutch a lot of people use...Just off the top of my head :Hillary Clinton, Paul M and John Lennon constantly when they talk, I'm sure many others
Q. Were you surprised when the Giants took you with 23rd pick?  
Jimmy Googs : 12/8/2018 7:30 am : link
A. Yes, I figured they were going to O-Line with somebody like Ryan Ramczyk.

Rumors of an Evan Engram as TE sighting  
ColHowPepper : 12/8/2018 10:07 am : link
were vastly exaggerated....The running game has improved even as mediocre blockers like #85 are used, and Simonson has had a couple of crushing blocks (stop with the holding already!).

Could he succeed as WR? Would it help his catch-the-ball percentage????
Disappointing season for EE  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 12/8/2018 10:11 am : link
to state the obvious.
It might be the lingering odor of the link to Jerry Reese's  
ColHowPepper : 12/8/2018 10:18 am : link
terrible record of assessing future NFL players, but I find myself turned off by the constant (what seems like a) smirk on his face, whether he's made a catch or a hideous drop, whether he's on the sideline inactive, or on the field...
Receiving yards per snap  
shyster : 12/8/2018 11:21 am : link
Engram '17: 0.93
S Shepard '18: 0.91
Engram '18: 0.85

Hasn't been on the field. Had seven catches on seven targets Week 2. Caught his first target the next week against HOU for a 20 yard gain and took the cheap shot helmet to his knee as he went out of bounds.

The hamstring injury is the compensation injury that regularly follows a knee injury.

Another snaps issue is that the Giants are using the TE as assistant offensive tackle for Wheeler.
Engram = Enigma .....  
Bluesbreaker : 12/8/2018 12:10 pm : link
He shows enormous talent at times then just flat out
drops the ball, he's not an inline blocker and I am not
so certain he could play outside effectively.
Currently hamstrung he needs to impress going down the
stretch . I prefer a TE that can body up and make the
tough first downs he doesn't have the frame for it
Either play him across from OBJ and pick up a FA TE
or move him for some picks .
BigBlueJ : 12/8/2018 12:19 pm : link
this is only his second year folks, started with an injury to boot, can we cut him a little slack. Sheesh
Plenty of speed and talent we can use  
Jimmy Googs : 12/8/2018 12:31 pm : link
so stop this nonsense of getting rid of him.

He has flaws, like he can't block, coming out but was pulled up in the draft (too far) because Giants were convinced he could help with 2-Deep coverage on OBJ. My guess is the drops have more to do with "pressing" to do something when he gets a target.

EE needs to be serviceable with hand in dirt...even a little would help, so he can get more snaps each game and keep the defense guessing more as to run vs pass. Got to develop his game more...

But yes, we should keep him...
Coach Red Beaulieu : 12/8/2018 2:46 pm : link
Sheppard can coach up his blocking.
He should always be part of a  
Dave on the UWS : 12/8/2018 5:41 pm : link
2 TE package (12) with EE as the "move" TE. He blocks pretty well on the move, he's not an in line TE. If they would use him correctly he would blossom, that's on Shula and Shurmur. If they can't figure that out, then they should trade him in the off season.
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