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Wednesday Media Transcript: LB Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/12/2018 2:37 pm
LB Alec Ogletree -- December 12, 2018

Q: Talk a little bit about the momentum. Are you guys feeling it? Do you feel the momentum coming into the next game?
A: We feel confident about our ability to go out there and play well and every week since the bye week, we just got a little bit better than we did the week before and we were able to string a couple wins here, but we just got to continue to keep working and hopefully this weekend will be the same result.

Q: We’ve been seeing it on Sunday, but how does that translate when you’re out there practicing?
A: You just bring energy and you create turnovers and score points and it just makes the team feel that much closer together. Makes all the hard work that you’ve done all year long worth it, so we just got to continue to do that and we got a good opponent this week to go against. We just got to work hard this week and get a good game plan in and go out there and execute.

Q: How does a defender tackle and bring down Derrick Henry?
A: You got to have the whole army with you and it just takes everybody, all 11 of us rallying to the ball like we’ve been doing and making sure we try not to have any one-on-one tackles with him. Like you said, he’s a big back and hard to bring down. For us, it’s just about flying around and making sure everybody’s at the ball.

Q: How much did you learn about that looking at the video from Tennessee’s game last week?
A: You can’t try to arm tackle him because like I said, he’s a big back and he can break tackles and obviously you can see he has speed with it, so he can hit the homerun ball, but for us it’s just going to be go out, doing what we’ve been doing and keep executing.

Q: How dangerous is (QB Marcus) Mariota on third down? The stats indicate that he’s run for a bunch of first downs this year and kept drives alive.
A: He’s very dangerous. Like you said, he can run the ball and throw it, he’s a threat on all downs. With a guy like that, you got to make sure everybody’s in their rush lanes, maintaining rush lanes, and make sure you match up on the guys that are in coverage.

Q: With a guy like Henry, do you not have to overreact because in the first bunch of games the most he ever gained was like 60 yards and the last one, he goes 238 or something like that. So you’re not going to give him the same kind of attention you would give like Saquon (Barkley) or somebody like that?
A: You might not. I don’t know, that’s up to you what you do, but for us like I said, he’s a back that’s been playing well and he’s scored on those long drives and put up numbers, so we have to give him respect as any other running back and we’re going to do that.

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