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Thursday Media Transcript: ST Coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/13/2018 6:51 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey -- December 13, 2018

Q: How much has your unit improved since the season has gone on?
A: Incrementally, weíve gotten a little better, and thatís the thing we strive. Our motto is continuous improvement, and thatís something that the guys see every day, and thatís what we try to do. Just go out there and every day and get better at something. Been very pleased now with the way these guys have played, and how theyíve kind of grown as a unit during the season. Just got to keep pushing, keep trying to get better. We still have a long way to go. We have some things that we need to clean up in the return game, but we just have to keep on pushing, keep playing hard.

Q: What is it that has allowed (K) Aldrick Rosas to be so consistent this year?
A: I think itís mindset. I think heís kind of shared with you guys how he approaches every kick. Itís just good or bad, and itís about the next kick. He just focuses on where the ball is, put the ball down, let me kick it, and lock into that moment, stay in the moment. Once that one is gone, itís gone, and on to the next one. I think heís had some success with that. I think moving forward, itíll be a formula heíll stick with, and look forward to really good things from him.

Q: How much does the change of weather affect things?
A: Welcome to the north east (laughter). It is what it is. I think these guys Ė Aldrick being here last year, and just getting a nice fall and good season underneath his belt. Knowing that the weather is going to turn. We get out in it. Weíll go there today and hit a couple balls outside. We went out in it yesterday. So, it is what it is. Itís just life in good ole New Jersey.

Q: How did you look at (WR) Jawill Davisí performance last week?
A: Heís on the right path. You look at what this kid has done, itís incredible. This kid has never returned punts before. For him to do what heís doing, heís doing a tremendous job. Iím extremely proud of him. Every snap is a new experience for him. He just has to go out there and just keep doing what heís doing. Catch the ball. When you catch the ball, get positive yards and heís done a good job of that.

Q: He let one or two of them drop. How do you decide whether or not to go out and get those?
A: Each punter is different. (Redskins P) Tres Way, first of all, heís a lefty. He can hit a different style ball other than the traditional ball. Heíll get that again this week. A lot of times, some of those balls you canít get to. The one thing about punt return is, youíre getting the ball back. You would rather get the ball back as opposed to the ball bouncing off your head and they get the ball. Thatís the most important thing we tell them. Obviously, we want to field all the punts, but if we donít, itís not the end of the world.

Q: So err on the side of caution type of deal?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Do they go into the stadium to practice kicks the week of the home game?
A: Yes, we always try to use the home field advantage to our advantage. Thatís something weíve done around here since Iíve been here the first time. Me and (Former Giants Kicker) Jeff (Feagles) used to go to the old stadium and we knew every nook and cranny about it Ė how the wind blew, where the dead spots were. We go over there and try to get as much work in there as we can.

Q: How does the new stadium compare to the old stadium?
A: Itís definitely different. Itís a calmed down version of the old one. The old one, it was different Ė wind swirled, and you really had to have a really intimate relationship with that stadium to really know it, and be in it every day. Even with being in it every day, it still would change on you, but this one is a little bit more calm, a little bit more tamed. Itís nowhere close as being as volatile as the old one.

Q: How often do you go over there? Once or twice a week?
A: At least once a week we go over there and try to get some work in.

Q: (CB) Antonio Hamilton, youíve talked about how good of an athlete he is, but it seems like every week heís making a big play on special teams. Why is he so consistently effective?
A: He plays hard. I think thatís Antonioís biggest attribute, is that he plays extremely hard, and he knows what he is. He knows who he is. He knows his ability and he knows his role. Heís living up to it. Heís a hungry kid. Heís passionate about football. He loves ball, and I think it shows up on a game day.

Q: Seems like (LS) Zak (DeOssie) never makes mistakes. What comes to mind when you talk about him as a long snapper?
A: Knucklehead (laughter) Ė I love Zak. Me and Zak, we go way back. I had him as a rookie here in í07, and heís been a really good leader in the room. Heís really grown into that role. When you do a good job of being consistent and being a leader, being a good person, being a good teammate, you sustain that longevity of a career and heís done a good job. Zak is a good man, and heís really good for our room.

Q: Did you know back then that this kid would be doing this 10-11 years later?
A: Heck no (laughter) Ė when he came in as a rookie, he was not going to be our long snapper. We had Ryan Keele, who was our long snapper, and Ryan tore his achilles during training camp, and just so happens that Zak was a snapper in college. Obviously, his dad was a snapper. We had two different snappers that year. We had (former Giants DT) Jay Alford and Zak. I never wouldíve thought that Zak, 12 years later, would be still be here long snapping. I thought eventually heíd go back to playing linebacker, but it is what it is. Heís made a great career out of it.
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