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Friday Media Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/14/2018 3:50 pm
WR Sterling Shepard -- December 14, 2018

Q: Does (WR) Odellís (Beckham Jr.) affect the offense at all?
A: It definitely does. Iíll be more outside than inside. Moving around a little bit as well. Itís a little bit more on my plate, but Iím up for the challenge.

Q: Do you expect to get more targets? Is that a part of what comes with your given situation this week?
A: Yeah, naturally, I think that happens. Odell gets a bulk of them when heís in there. Itís definitely room for everybody to spread the ball around. I look forward to that.

Q: How about the thought of the coach calling more plays for you as well? Is that something you noticed last week?
A: It was kind of short notice. Yeah, in a way, it kind of gives you more plays, but like I said, itís for everybody. He gives everybody a little bit more in the pass game, and try to spread the ball around.

Q: Does it change how they cover you individually, or how they cover the pass game and receivers as a whole?
A: I just think from a coverage standpoint, it changes it, because you have to pay attention to Odell every time heís on the field, or wherever heís at. You have to pay attention to him. When heís not out there, they can kind of get into some of the base looks and some of the things that they do against other teams. We have film on all of that.

Q: Do you think youíve seen more man-to-man coverage than before?
A: Usually weíll see a Cover 2 Shell, and then the safeties cheating over to Odellís side. A lot of 6 (Cover 6), but teams that like to go man, theyíre going to go man without Odell out there.

Q: How much of a treat is it to have receivers like Bennie (Fowler III), Russell (Shepard), Corey Coleman to fill in for Odell? Guys that have lots of experience in this league.
A: Last season, thatís kind of how it was. It was a little tough, but guys caught on last season. It just took them a little bit. Itís great to have guys with experience, like you said. It kind of helps you out because everybody knows what theyíre doing and knows what to expect.

Q: Any more blocking this weekend?
A: More blocking? Itís always blocking. When you got a back like (RB) Saquon (Barkley), you got to block. Thatís just something we know as receivers.

Q: What was the immediate thought in your mind when that kid called you trash?
A: When he called me trash, I was like, ďOh, he donít watch football,Ē because I know I ainít trash, man (laughter). Itís a little kid, they have a mind of their own. It was pretty funny, though. Just a funny little deal.
Get open and go off Sunday with a big game  
Jimmy Googs : 12/14/2018 3:54 pm : link
we need u...
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