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Post-Game Transcript: LB Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/16/2018 5:43 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Titans) Transcripts: LB Alec Ogletree -- December 16, 2018

Q: How difficult was [Derrick] Henry to bring down and why was he so successful today?
A: We just didnít tackle well; I mean, they were going to try to run the ball and they ran the ball and we just didnít come up to make enough tackles and swarm the ball like we needed to.

Q: Is it a strange feeling because he was getting a lot of yards, but they were not getting a lot of points?
A: I mean, for us, defensively, we just have to go out there and make sure that we donít give up points and like I said, you want to stop the run-game, but we didnít do enough of that today.

Q: How difficult is it to officially be eliminated after wining four of the last five [games] to give yourselves a shot?
A: I mean, itís just how it is; thereís nothing that we can do about it now. We have two weeks left here to finish out the season, so we have to turn our attention to Indy [Indianapolis] next week and get ready to go play.

Q: How do you explain this game after the last five weeks where you have played quite well, winning four of five?
A: It wasnít the type of game that we wanted to play today; we didnít do enough in all phases to get the job done. When you donít do that, those are the results you get. I thought we played hard, but we didnít make enough plays.
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