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Post-Game Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/16/2018 5:46 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Titans) Transcripts: QB Eli Manning -- December 16, 2018

Q: What happened with the offense today?
A: It was just tough to get things going. Give credit to the Tennessee defense. They played well. They did a good job stopping the run on some early downs. The few times we actually got some things going, we had negative plays, we had penalties where we just could not sustain the drives and keep things going. They played well and we didnít. We didnít execute well enough or make the plays we need to make. They just outplayed us.

Q: How much did the penalties hurt just shutting down the drives?
A: I donít know how many we had, but yes, a couple of costly penalties, especially when we were in their territory. When you get a nasty day and you go back 10 yards, first and 20, second and 20, it is a tough day. It was a tough day to get the ball down the field. Third and long, second and long, it is just a bad situation.

Q: What happened on the interception?
A: It was a good play by them. They were playing in a two-man. I had inside leverage and should have been able to throw a corner route and flatten them. He just had a beat on it and jumped it. He has that half of the field high. He must have just read it. He was able to jump in and make a play.

Q: What were they doing upfront to shut down the running game?
A: Not positive. They just seemed like they were getting some push and some penetration. There were a couple of times where there was just some negative yards right off the go. We were losing five or six yards on the run game. It is tough to play that way.

Q: You had a screen set up to Engram out there and the ball went over his head. Was it the weather?
A: Yes, just came out of my hand funny. Sometimes those short little throws when you have to throw it in a different motion and you get a little wet ball and it just popped out. It was an easy throw. I have to hit that.

Q: How much did you miss Odell in a game like today?
A: You always miss Odell. He is one of our key players and one of our best players. When he is in the game, he makes plays and makes defenses play differently. You always miss your playmakers.

Q: How do you deal with these last two games now that the playoffs are out?
A: We are just going to play. Nothing changes for me. We just have to go play and try and win.

Q: How frustrating is it to go back out on the field and have a three and out over and over?
A: We want to go out there and move the ball. We were not executing. We were not executing, so it was tough to get third downs and it was tough to convert. They did a good job and had some good schemes. We just didnít execute well enough.

Q: On that last play to Evan Engram, what did you see?
A: Just that he was going through the back of the end zone. I have to get it out there. Bad throw on me. I have to get the ball, get turned and get it up and down before he runs out of bounds, before he goes out of bounds. Just poor throw by me.

Q: What happened on the fumble?
A: I saw Shep there and tried to push it out to him late. It slipped out of my hands. Right there, I have to back up, hold onto the ball and take a sack if I have to. I canít turn it over and give them that good field position.

Q: It seemed like you were running a bit more today. Was that intentional?
A: No. They did a good job moving around. I tried to get out of the pocket a few times and extend a couple of plays. I got a couple of them but didnít make enough of them.

Q: Thoughts on missing the playoffs?
A: It hurts. Obviously you want to make the playoffs. We didnít play well enough early in the year to put ourselves in a good position. I knew we still had a chance if we won out, but we didnít play well enough today to do that.
ďNothing changes for me.Ē ¬†
twostepgiants : 12/16/2018 7:47 pm : link
A most aprop Eli quote
Les in TO : 12/16/2018 7:56 pm : link
= Expired Milk. Time to retire, son
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