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Post-Game Transcript: Running Back Saquon Barkley

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/16/2018 5:54 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Titans) Transcripts: Running Back Saquon Barkley -- December 16, 2018

Re: Titans defense stopping the run game?
A: They had a great game plan over there, give credit where credit is due. They came out and they made plays. They made more plays than we did.

Q: How much do you expect teams putting more effort into stopping you?
A: In comes with the territory, especially when you have a lot of success in the run game. Obviously, a lot of teams are going to put focus on stopping not me as an individual but our run game, because we have been so successful in the last five games. We still have to make plays, which we had been doing the last couple of weeks. We just didnít do that.

Q: What did they do differently from the other teams in the last couple of weeks?
A: They did a lot of different things. They gave us some different looks, different movements to try to create movement up there to try to confuse us. We have to execute, thatís the moral of the story. We didnít execute as a team, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

Q: How much did weather play a role in this, since it was hard to throw the ball and they could concentrate more on the run?
A: Thatís football. Any given Sunday, it could be raining, snowing, it could be sunshine, it doesnít matter. We all have been playing football since we were eight years old, probably in worse conditions. I donít really think that was a factor.

Re: Titans running back Derrick Henry?
A: Henry is a heck of a player. I definitely respect his game. They were able to establish the run, something we werenít able to do today. When you establish the run, it opens everything up, thatís how they were able to pull out the win today.

Q: Now that you are officially eliminated from the playoffs, does it feel different?
A: I havenít had time to think about that. My mindset is no matter what, we still have two weeks to go. We have to finish the season off strong, starting with Indianapolis. We have to continue to play for each other and believe in each other.

Q: Given how well you have been able to run the ball, is this a low point in the season?
A: Itís not a low point, itís a reality check that we have to get back to the drawing board and we have to get better.

Q: How different were they from what you saw on tape?
A: You know, itís the Titans. Especially on the third down, you know what type of team they are. They played a great game today, had a great game plan and were the better team today.
Q: You are close to the rookie record for games with 100 yards from scrimmage, it has been almost automatic. Do you get surprised when you donít get close to that?
A: That doesnít really matter to me. The thing that matters to me the most is getting a win. Iíve said this multiple times, it doesnít matter if I have 300 yards, 25 yards, or two yards as long as we come out with a win. That wasnít the case today, so obviously Iím not going to be satisfied if I had 200 or 100 yards.

Q: Was this as frustrated as you have ever been?
A: Itís football. Thatís what comes with the responsibilities of playing running back. Itís not always going to be there, every play is not going to be a 40-yard gain. You just have to take what they give you. When the opportunity comes, you have to split it and make them pay for it. We didnít do that today.

Q What was Coach Shurmurís message after the game, did it involve the playoffs?
A: I donít think the playoffs were involved in the message. Obviously, we are disappointed we lost. The message that he said is kind of what Iím saying, we still have two games to go. We have to finish the season strong and play for each other.
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