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Wednesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/19/2018 2:41 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- December 19, 2018

Opening Remarks: A couple guys wonít be out there today. Alec Ogletree came in today not feeling well, so he wonít be out there. Michael Thomas, I excused him for personal reasons, just dealing with illness in the family, so you wonít see him there. Otherwise, the injured players that you know about Ė Odell, Spencer Pulley and Russell Shepard probably wonít be doing much, if anything. Probably nothing. And I say that because thereís times when I have this meeting after a walk-thru and thereís times when they feel a little better as the day goes on so we see what they can do, so thatís where weíre at. Then Kerry Wynnís got a little thumb deal that heíll be limited. Iíll take your questions.

Q: Howís Odell feeling in general? Is it something heís progressing with at this point or is he kind of in the same spot?
A: He feels better than he did last week.

Q: Does that mean heís going to do some running?
A: No, he said he feels better. I just mentioned that he wonít be out there today.

Q: He can do stuff on the side though?
A: Possibly, weíll just have to see, see what the rehab entails. It changes as the playerís injury progressively gets better, so weíll see.

Q: Ogletree has an illness, you said?
A: Yeah, heís not feeling well, so weíre just getting that checked out and then just see why, thatís all.

Q: Are you still not considering shutting Odell down at all for the rest of the season?
A: No. At this point, I think itís a playerís responsibility to do everything they can to get on the field and get back into games. Weíre coaches and players, and we play the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, so itís important that we do everything we can to show up.

Q: As important as that is, is there a value in a player that is that important to you and your future here and the teamís future here to protect him and make sure he doesnít make it worse?
A: I think itís important that all the healthy players are ready to play in the game. I guess that question leads into that these two games arenít important, and I donít believe that. I think whatís important is that we as a team do everything we can to go out there and play the game and try to win the game. Running parallel with all the thoughts moving forward in the offseason is this team trying to learn how to win again. And again, Iím speaking as the coach, where weíre doing everything in our power to put a plan together to win the game. That requires that all the players do everything in their power if theyíre injured to make it back for the game, and then if for some reason they canít, then you do it for the next week. So thatís the philosophy.

Q: Did you go into the season with kind of an idea with some of the new players, especially like Saquon, did you kind of have an idea that ideally youíd like to have this kind of a workload for him and project it to the season? Like a pitch count for a pitcher, that sort of thing?
A: No. I think if you play balanced offense and youíre moving the ball and scoring points and doing the things we did in a handful of games this year the way that I want it to happen, then you spread the wealth and eight or nine guys touch the ball in the passing game, two or three guys touch the ball in the run game, and then you just see where that takes you. I think thatís an important piece, but going into the year, did I have a plan for it? No. I think you play the games and try to do what you have to do to win. I think itís fair to say any coach in his first year, thereís a lot of learning about your team that runs parallel with trying to win the game. So thatís kind of what you go through.

Q: For a young guy like that who has a big workload, do you have to monitor with the trainers each game and say, Ďok, he had 26 touches, he had this, letís see whatís going on hereí?
A: No, we keep track of everything the playerís all about physically and where heís at, how he feels. Thatís why I donít feel like you have Ďvictory Mondaysí. I think thatís part of the process to make sure you know where the guys are after a game moving forward. That conversation is constant in terms of where guys are in terms of health.

Q: The youngest guy on the roster (Saquon), how do you see him physically holding up?
A: I think heís holding up very well. Heís a very physical guy, heís in very good shape, heís obviously super talented, and weíre just keeping track and monitoring, and encouraging him to do all the things necessary each week to get ready to go. And heís done a good job with that.

Q: Anything youíll be looking for or evaluating in these last two games?
A: Yeah, I want to see good football and I want to win the game, and I think thatís what weíre trying to get done. Then anybody thatís on the field is always being evaluated. Again, weíve got a bunch of different players that have been forced into action that weíre getting a chance to evaluate on a constant basis. Iíve said it before, you canít fake football, and I think itís important that we go out and everybody plays good football and is helping us win games.

Q: The Colts looked dead in the water about halfway through the season, and they seemingly turned it around. What are they doing differently?
A: Theyíre a little bit like we are, a game or two better right now. They won a couple close games that we didnít. They started out slow in terms of wins and losses, theyíve been consistent, I think they found a little groove with Andrew Luck (who) is back healthy. We all understand heís a terrific quarterback and heís had a lot to do with their success on offense certainly. Theyíre just like any new team, trying to put it together and move forward.

Q: How about their offensive line? For years they were disparaged as the weakness of the Colts. What do you see from their offensive line now? They obviously have a lot of resources.
A: Yeah, I think theyíre blocking better. They added (Quenton) Nelson, a rookie, and low and behold theyíre blocking better and playing better offense Ė an interesting concept.

Q: About their defense, this is a team that hasnít played well in the last three or four years defensively. Now theyíve come on, coming off a shutout. When you look at the film, what do you see is the big difference with them?
A: Well, in terms of the difference, their style of defense is the same as it was throughout the year, but they play good team defense. I know Matt Eberflus very well, he came from Dallas, and so the blueprint of how they play defense is like Dallas. Theyíre not as big as some of the guys we played of late, but theyíre very active, move around, and theyíve done a good job of keeping teams out of the end zone.

Q: Does Frank Reich do a lot of movement with the tight ends, similar to what they did in Philadelphia from where he came from?
A: Yeah, I think Frank was a big piece to the Eagles success a year ago. Frank is a terrific coach, I know him very well. Through the offseason, we compared notes as new coaches, just how weíre doing things Ė nothing tactically, but just in terms of how you want things to run. So I think heís done a good job with it. You see plays certainly that were similar to the plays run by the Eagles because he had an impact on that offensive scheme a year ago.

Q: You mentioned Nelson. I know you guys met with him quite a bit during the draft process, what kind of impact has he had and what did you like about him as a player?
A: Yeah, we thought he was a terrific player. We had him rated very highly. Tough, physical guy, and thatís what you want to get Ė sort of like our guy Will (Hernandez), tough, physical Ė and thatís really demanded of your offensive line.

Q: Youíve talked about the growth within a team and players. From a play-caller perspective, how long is that progression from Week 1 Ďtil now to feel that comfort level of what you have, what your guys can do, that kind of thing?
A: I think youíre constantly looking to do the things necessary to win the game against the opponents you face and play-calling, I think itís important you give your guys a chance. You call a pass, you want your guys running wide open and you want it to be blocked well and you want the quarterback to complete it. Thatís what youíre looking for in play-calling is to give your guys a chance. When you call run plays, you donít want extra guys hanging around the runner, so that requires running the right path, blocking the right guys and getting the ball at the right time. I think we as play-callers constantly critique ourselves, thereís always people telling us our tendencies. Sometimes tendencies are good, though, that means youíre starting to become good at something. I think thereís something to that. But thatís a constant process, and we go through that as play-callers all the time.

Q: Can you look beyond the execution and just look at the plays and just say, Ďalright, well that worked even though it didnít work execution-wiseí, and go back to that play?
A: Oh yeah, thatís what we do during a game. Frequently, weíll have a play that we thought was really good and all the sudden, it gets nubbed. Thatís all that conversation, and thatís the red face that you see from me Ė Ďwhat the heck happened?í And itís like, hey listen, we just missed on this, donít get away from this. So thatís what happens, and frequently you get back to a play that you ran earlier that may have not had success, and then you call it again later and you have success. Human nature says sometimes, Iíll go onto something else, but thatís just kind of the decision making you make during the game.

Q: As a coach, do you get certain satisfaction with a player like Aldrick (Rosas) making the Pro Bowl? You probably could have gotten rid of him and nobody would have blinked last year.
A: Yeah, Iím happy for the guys that are recognized and certainly in his case, heís recognized for having a terrific year. Heís made some amazing kicks and heís done a great job with his kickoffs. He had one that went out of bounds, he gets one in a career I told him, so that was his only one. But, no, Iíve been pleased with what heís done this year. You hate to say you have favorite players, but heís one of my favorites. Youíve heard me talk about how heís not just a kicker, heís a football player. Heís a big guy, heís got a presence, and heís competitive. So I appreciate all the good in Aldrick and the fact that he was recognized is great.
I really appreciate Coach Shurmur  
Rjanyg : 12/19/2018 4:16 pm : link
He is such a better interview compared to BM. You can tell the guy knows football and he is a professional with his answers.

Now clock management...that is something I hope he improves on.
With Pulley injured...  
Dan in the Springs : 12/19/2018 4:40 pm : link
I really wished they'd asked a few questions about Evan Brown. A curiosity to me - clearly valued as they've held him through many cuts. What is his status/progress, how are they developing him, does he have a chance at being active on game-day, what do they like about him, just any number of questions would be great.

I know Coaches don't often like to talk about evaluations of specific players, and the silence around EB probably means there isn't much interest from the press, but if there was ever an appropriate time to ask about him it's when the third-string C/swing guard on the team is practicing with the first team, it's as good a time as any to try and get some answers there.
Shurmur said yesterday they if Pulley  
Dave on the UWS : 12/19/2018 7:14 pm : link
Canít go, Brown moves up and is in the mix. Greco would start but I would not be surprised if we saw him some.
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