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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/19/2018 5:23 pm
QB Eli Manning -- December 19, 2018

Q: What do you see from the Colts defense?
A: They do a good job. They run around, they make plays. A lot of teams have trouble moving the ball consistently on them. They run the ball well. They do a good of job of getting to the quarterback and disrupting things. Very fundamentally sound, and play good defense.

Q: They have a Rookie of the Year Candidate in (LB) Darius Leonard. How often is it that you see a rookie linebacker be that much of an impact? Why do you suppose heís been able to be this effective?
A: I think they do a good job of just kind of the defensive line funneling things to him and he does a good job of making tackles. He runs well, he covers a lot of area around the field and he seems to be making a lot of plays.

Q: Whatís the biggest thing you look for in these last two games?
A: Youíre chasing wins. Obviously, you want to finish the season strong. Weíve been playing good football and just have to get back to it. Opportunity to go against a good team and to kind of see where we stand. You just want to go out there and play well. Weíre football players and this is what we do. We play football, thatís our passion, thatís our job, and weíre going to go out there and do it well and be able to celebrate some wins.

Q: I know this team is never about individual awards, but (RB) Saquon Barkley comes in as a rookie and makes the Pro Bowl. That has to be pretty cool.
A: Itís great, Iím happy for Saquon. He deserves it. Heís had a great year. Heís worked really hard. Heís done everything weíve asked him to do. So excited for him he gets to experience that. Itíll be a fun deal for him.

Q: What are your thoughts regarding players around the league who sit out of games to rest for the playoffs?
A: Itís a tough situation, but if you can play, you go play. Thatís their job, thatís what weíre supposed to do, thatís what weíre here for. No matter the circumstances or whatís going on, you go do your job. Like I said earlier, weíre football players. You go practice and you go play in the games. You try to enjoy that, because everybody knows you donít know when your last one, or when your next one, where it will be next year. So, you enjoy this team, this group of guys, and you try to go win a game together and enjoy that.

Q: Is this a special trip for you going back to Indianapolis?
A: Not thinking about it too much. We werenít playing the Colts that day. I just kind of look at it as, hey, we got a game and going to play well. Once you walk in there, you may reminisce. Itís been a while since Iíve been there.

Q: Coach [Shurmur] talked about learning how to win. Record aside, do you feel like this team is on the right track of learning how to win?
A: I think so, I think we went through a stretch when we were winning games and each one was a little bit different. Some we were behind and we were able to come back and hold on to it. Some we had a lead, and kind of lost it for a little bit, responded back and won. Itís just about learning how to win a lot of different ways. Then also, itís about through the course of the season, you can be playing good football, you could be winning a couple of games, you might lose one, how do you respond? How do you bounce back? So, we have to be able to bounce back, figure out how to play that complete season and win games late in the year.

Q: I think theyíre only one of two teams youíve never beaten in your career. Would you like to get that?
A: Yeah, youíd like to get a win. Havenít got a win verse them. Trying to work towards that.

Q: Is it still weird see that uniform and not see your brother in it?
A: I think Iíve gotten over it by now. Itís been long enough. Watched a lot of Colts games over the years.

Q: Is this going to be a team similar to the Philadelphia Eagles since their head coach Frank Reich was their offensive coordinator last season? Will this team be easier to prepare for because of that?
A: Maybe from the offenses standpoint, but defensively, itís a team that their defensive coordinator came from Dallas. So, itís a lot of similarities with what Dallas does. From that aspect, thereís some things that weíve seen in the past and seen before. Each one, they have a few new wrinkles, different things you have to prepare for. Thereís some similarities I think more from a Dallas standpoint than a Philly standpoint.
I guess the resounding...  
Ryan : 12/19/2018 8:06 pm : link
..."no" he gave 2 days ago when asked if going back to Indy had any special meaning didn't register. It needed to be asked again.

Holy my shit is our beat horrific.
Eli has made it resoundingly clear  
twostepgiants : 12/20/2018 7:00 am : link
That nothing matters to him. Everything is the same

"Nothing changes for me"
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