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Thursday Media Transcript: S Michael Thomas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2018 5:41 pm
S Michael Thomas -- December 20, 2018

Q: Do you feel as if (Colts QB) Andrew Luck is back to the old Andrew Luck you were used to seeing for so many years?
A: Just from seeing him play this year, comparing it to when he first came in the league, college and all that stuff, it looks like heís finally moving well again. It looks like the arm doesnít hurt to throw. It looks like heís back to that All Pro, Pro Bowl level, like one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I can tell, just because thatís my guy. I can tell heís having fun again, heís enjoying playing football. Heís one of the best quarterbacks in the game. So, Iím looking forward to this challenge.

Q: (Colts WR) T.Y. Hilton has over 1,000 yards, but heís really their only deep threat and their big play guy. How does he keep doing it when everybody knows that heís the go-to guy?
A: I think they have a lot of weapons on that team, but the fact that heís just fast. You canít coach that. It doesnít matter if you game plan for it or not, he has a unique ability that you canít coach. Heís using that to the best of his ability. He has a quarterback that can get him the ball, no matter if heís got people covering him or not.

Q: Do you guys feel like thereís any extra pressure on you? Coach (James) Bettcher said last week, there was about 100 yards of rushing after missed tackles. Is there any extra pressure on the defense?
A: No, we just got to go out there and tackle, thatís it. Every single one of us, we watched that film, and weíre not proud of it. We played hard. Nobody felt like we were just giving up, like we were turning down. It wasnít the result we wanted. Weíre going to go out there and put our best effort out there. All of our names are on this tape. Itís going to be with us forever. So, weíre going to go out there and try to win this football game, thatís it.

Q: Why has (Colts TE Eric) Ebron has been so deadly in the red zone this year?
A: Big body, looks like his confidence level is at an all-time high, itís definitely up. Heís playing with a quarterback that can get him the ball, can put it on him. He can use his body to box out guys. He is athletic. He can run good routes and stuff, crisp routes. It looks like heís moving well. They got it rolling right now. Itís our job to stop him.

Q: Third-down conversions, theyíre at 48%, leads the league. Thereís got to be a secret to that, too.
A: Really no secrets. They got a great quarterback. Heís mobile, his arm is feeling well. Heís been hurt these past couple of years. Even when guys do strap their first read, second read, and third read, he can extend the play with using his legs. Heís a very athletic quarterback. Got some good weapons. Itís going to be our job to stop it. Weíre just going to work our game plan that Bettch asks of us, (Secondary Coach Lou Anarumo) Coach Lou coaching us up. Weíre going to do what we do.
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