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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2018 5:42 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr. -- December 20, 2018

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Iím definitely feeling better. Just kind of taking it day by day. Thatís all you can really do at this point. I feel like initially when this happened I didnít think much of it and it might have been a little more serious than I thought. Just trying to find my way back. You only get 16 opportunities to play games. Missing them is not fun. I feel like Iíve missed enough games already, so Iím just trying to get back as fast as possible.

Q: So everybody who asked are you shutting it down for the year, you have no intention of shutting it down?
A: Who asked that?

A: I didnít hear that. If I can play, Iím going to play. Itís just the bottom line. You dreamed of being here, you dedicated, gave everything to be here, so you do all this to play games. As much fun as meetings are and all that other stuff, like you do this to play games, so if I can play, Iím in (inaudible).

Q: You know your body pretty well. Can you be ready to play in 10 days?
A: Thatís the goal. I want to be able to finish the season as much as possible, but you just got to listen to it. Your body is going to tell you what you need to hear and I feel like times in the past I havenít listened to it and other things have happened so Iím just trying. Keeping it a day at a time. Not trying to look 10 days ahead. Just trying to look forward to tomorrow and seeing how much more I can do and how fast I can get back out there.

Q: Why would it be worth it to risk further injuries at this point with the team eliminated?
A: Like I said, you work to play these games and to be out there. These same guys, we get up everyday, we go to work, get out there and practice hard. You want to play with your brothers. I want to play with (Sterling) Shep, Saquon (Barkley), finish the season strong. Just donít know at this point. Like I said, Iím just taking it a day at a time.

Q: So have they told you it could get worse? Is it something that you could aggravate or cause a bigger problem if you play through it or something?
A: Thereís risks, but thereís risks to anything. Itís life, so like I said, just taking it a day at a time. Thereís not much more I can do than do that and hopefully I feel better tomorrow and then the day after I feel better and day after and day after. I just keep feeling better, thatís the goal.

Q: Any more images taken of it since last week?
A: Yeah. I just donít Ė I said what I said. Iím just trying to get better day by day. Iím not going to go into details about injury. Thatís more a question for the medical staff. If yíall get a chance to ask Ronnie, holla at him.

Q: In some organizations, there is more give and take with the player or the coach, but here usually medical has the final say. If they put up a red light, you donít get to play. Does that make it a little bit easier or different for you to swallow knowing that they only have the medical interests at heart and that you donít have the chance to argue it?
A: I get the question, but I donít at the same time. Itís like if I could play, Iím going to play. If they say I can go, I can go, but your body is going to tell you and also whether they put a red light up or a green light, if your body canít go, you canít go. Like, thatís just the bottom line. Iím working, you know. I got rehab as soon as I leave to go home. Just working on it, just trying to get it better.

Q: What would you gain from playing in a game this year?
A: Like I said, you get to play with your brothers. Like we started back in July and regardless of our record, I always believe in finishing strong. I donít feel like Iíve got to finish strong being out the last two weeks, but this is why you do it. You play for these people next to you, so like I said, if I could play, Iím going to play.

Q: Are you encouraged by what youíve seen from this team?
A: About the progress and everything,yeah. Definitely. Like I said, ever since Iíve been here, we lost close games. Itís not many games that we really got blown out or anything like that. We lost close games. Recently we found a way to win these close games, so definitely finding ways to win and kind of changing that culture and back into the winning culture of what the Giants do. Thatís just it, keep working to get better, build this momentum up going into next year.

Q: No Pro Bowl, second alternate. How do you take that?
A: You just got to work harder. Thatís all I could say. The guys who did make it, these are all very talented people who had incredible seasons, so you just got to tip your hat to them. They made it in and thatís just motivation. Just keep working, work harder to where you can be in that next year, but just got to tip your hat to those guys, really.
This line of questioning borders on inane  
KeoweeFan : 12/21/2018 9:55 am : link
"What do you have to gain...."

Many football players are in the sport with the objective of playing in games. Is that so hard to understand?

In Odell's case, he didn't practice this hard and overcome injury to sit at home and collect a paycheck.

This message brought to you by an obviously outdated old sports fan.
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