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Friday Media Transcript: LB Coach Bill McGovern

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/21/2018 11:38 am
Linebackers Coach Bill McGovern -- December 21, 2018

Q: You missed Alec (Ogletree) a game earlier in the season. If he canít play, who has to fill that role as the leader of the defense?
A: I think the group of guys has to do it, not just on the linebackers but all the guys. Weíve got some good players out there working with it, but in linebacker when weíre making calls and stuff, like we did it last time, B.J. (Goodson), Tae (Davis), those guys all have added responsibilities, and weíll go with it that way.

Q: How much is lost when (Ogletree) is not able to play?
A: Itís always hard when you lose a veteran, a guy whoís a leader, a guy whoís a great communicator. Those are things that you obviously are going to miss out there on the field, but itís an opportunity for the other guys now to step forward and prove themselves.

Q: I know Landon (Collins) is not part of your position group, but he plays sort of in that middle in almost a linebacker type role. How much does his absence affect your guys?
A: Itís everybody thatís out there. Any time we lose anybody, itís disappointing to lose anybody out there, but itís an important opportunity for somebody else to get a chance to kind of show what theyíve been working on.

Q: Do your guys almost need to do more?
A: No, itís one of those things you have to be careful that you donít try to do too much. Again, itís one of those things where you want to make sure youíre doing your job, executing your responsibilities, but itís all these guys. As weíre going through the season, they continue to work out, weíve got a great group of guys that are trying to improve, but itís their opportunity to prove themselves and get out there on the field and do it.

Q: What do you think of how Kareem Martin has played, especially in the second half of the year? (DC James) Bettcher was saying a couple weeks ago that he kind of talked to him about what you guys were looking for, are you seeing what youíre looking for from him?
A: Whatís good about Kareem, again heís another guy whoís been around, heís been working at it, heís getting better, heís being more disruptive out on the field and during the game. Itís what weíre looking for from him, but itís a tribute to him that heís been working at it, heís been pushing himself in practice trying to get on top of some of the little things, and itís showing up on the field now.

Q: How about Lorenzo Carter? Whereís his development at?
A: Heís continuing to progress. Whatís been (good) is that heís been working through the entire season. Itís a long season for the rookies when they get in here, and heís been pushing through, heís got a great work ethic. Thereís things that heís always constantly learning, but heís eager to get out there and compete and challenge himself. Thereís things that heís doing better, thereís always things that everybody can do better, so heís working on those things, too.

Q: As you look ahead, what is maybe the thing he really needs to work on?
A: With all those guys right now, especially a young guy, itís the complete game. Itís, theyíre going to have a year now, getting to a true offseason. Last year was kind of probably a whirlwind for those guys with workouts, draft, everything else, then coming into OTAís, it kind of really happens fast. I think this year now, maybe they can get a chance to get some good workouts in the offseason, have a little bit more of a settled offseason, but also can delve into the playbook and stay into it, and just continue to improve.

Q: Could Lorenzo add some muscle or weight?
A: All of them can. Bigger, stronger, faster is something everybody wants. Heís one of those guys that, again, heís in the developmental stage a little bit being a young player, but weíre excited about him.

Q: What have you seen from OV (Olivier Vernon) in the second half of the season?
A: Heís another guy thatís been very disruptive. I think itís one of those things when guys get hurt, you miss him for X period of time, but to come back from it, theyíre not going to be where they were when they got hurt. Itís one of those things where I think heís kind of feeling better, I know heís playing better, heís being disruptive. Itís something weíre excited about and weíre happy to see him do.

Q: Do you view him as a clear part of your guysí future?
A: Weíll talk about all that stuff at the end. Thatís above my paygrade. Thatís things weíll talk about when itís all said and done.

Q: Even though the numbers maybe arenít showing it, do you think he can be as disruptive as he has been in previous years?
A: He shows it on the field, how disruptive he can be. You see it the last couple weeks that heís making sacks, heís disrupting, heís getting quarterback hits, pressures, so you can see what a factor he can be or what a force he can be when heís healthy and going.

Q: Why does he play almost exclusively on that side?
A: Different things. Itís one of those things where sometimes guys are little bit more comfortable.

Q: Preference?
A: I think itís everything. Thereís times we do kick him over to the other side, at times heís been over there. But itís one of those things sometimes heís comfortable, he feels better doing that, or we like the matchup, and also you kind of move him around a little bit to kind of keep them off-guard too. But as weíve been doing it, heís had success on that side, so weíve kept him there.

Q: In this division, thereís some pretty good left tackles. A tough grind when your best pass rusher is matched up against those guys for six games a year plus whoever else youíre playing.
A: In this league, yeah. Heís one of those guys that if thatís where he feels comfortable rushing from, itís something weíll take into consideration. Again, weíve moved him a little bit, but itís been primarily his spot and as weíve seen here now in the last couple of weeks as heís gotten healthy, heís pretty disruptive and pretty productive.

Q: What did you like about Tae (Davis) in the offseason, and how much has he grown during the season?
A: Heís one of those guys, again, a lot like Lorenzo, last spring probably had to be a whirlwind for him. Heís done a great job of coming in here, being an undrafted free agent and heís working at it. Itís one of those things, heís still got a couple weeks here where he needs to really continue to improve and get better, and then obviously after the seasonís over, weíll sit down, have a conversation and try to go forward from there where we need to improve.
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