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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/26/2018 1:23 pm
QB Eli Manning -- December 26, 2018

Q: Why is it important to you and the team to finish strong with this last game?
A: I think thatís just always the point. You want to finish strong. Weíve been doing some good things this last half of the season. You want to go out there and just kind of finish on a good note. Playing against a good team, and just want to go out there and execute, and just feel good about this last game.

Q: How much does that carry over to next season?
A: It can Ė I think when you have a bunch of new guys and new coaches, you got to figure out how to win late in the year. You got to figure out how to beat good teams. We just had a lot of games this year where we were close, and just couldnít quite finish. We just got to learn how to finish games better, finish the season strong, and keep doing those things.

Q: What are some positive takeaways you take from this season going into this last game?
A: I think we just got off to a slow start. Just the way the team responded. We kept fighting, we kept looking for ways to improve and get better. Weíve improved, weíve become a better team, weíve become a more efficient offense, and scoring points, and kind of finding our style. Weíve dealt with ups and downs, and losing some players, and this and that. Still havenít played as well as we wanted to, and not well enough to win enough games, but have made improvements.

Q: Have you thought about the possibility that this could be your last game with the Giants?
A: No, just worried about this game, and finishing this season, and going out there and playing hard.

Q: Have you had any talks in the front office about your contract? Either re-working it or extending it?
A: No.

Q: Would you consider that if thatís what it took to come back next year?
A: Weíll handle all of that after the season.

Q: Do you view this game-
A: I view it as the last game of this season, and thatís it.

Q: Do you view this game as a way to create momentum into 2019?
A: Every season is going to be different. Every year is going to be different. I think this is just an opportunity to go out there and play a good team, and try to go finish this season strong.

Q: Do you believe that it carries over, year-to-year momentum?
A: I canít remember how the last game of every season worked out. I think we are building something. I think when you have new players, and a new team, and a bunch of new guys coming from one year that hopefully will be here next year, I think you are building kind of the character and a winning attitude. So, I think those things can carry over.

Q: How difficult is it to know itís the last game of the season, and you donít have the playoffs to look forward to?
A: Obviously, itís not the circumstances you want, but you got to just deal with what youíve got in front of us. We want to go out there and play a rival team. I donít know if theyíre playing everybody or not, but Iíve been in that situation before, and you want to go out and win, and carry a little momentum going into the playoffs, and itís our job to put a little doubt in their mind, and go beat a good team.

Q: Do you expect to be here next season as the starting quarterback?
A: I donít know. I have not gotten into that, or thought much about that. Just worried about doing my job and finishing this season.

Q: Thatís a different reaction from you than in the past. In past years, you wouldíve said, of course, youíll be back. This time, you really arenít sure?
A: I didnít know last year, either. So, weíll figure it out.

Q: Does that uncertainty you experienced last year help prepare you for another offseason where things can go a number of different directions?
A: Weíll see.

Q: Last year was your first time through it, is what Iím saying.
A: Yeah, when you get to year 15, these things come up.

Q: Thereís going to be changes on this team with the roster. How does that fit with the emotion of the final home game?
A: I think thatís kind of the mindset. This is the last game this team will play. Itís an opportunity for us, young guys and new guys, to get playing time, and for guys to grow. We all have our job to go out there and play well, and play hard, and try to get a win. Weíll have fans there, weíll have people watching and people rooting for us, and want to go do our job for them.
This ties against what management has been saying a bit  
Jim in Forest Hills : 12/26/2018 1:44 pm : link
Basically if Eli is definitely back next year, why isn't he sure about it. He is really aloof in this interview. I don't think anyone's mind is made up yet one way or the other.
Reading and watching this presser...  
CalZone : 12/26/2018 4:04 pm : link
I actually think he doesn't want to be back next year, and I don't think he wants to retire either. The fire is obviously still there.
Might sound crazy, but I bet he wouldn't have a problem waving the no trade clause to play somewhere else.
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