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Wednesday Media Transcript: S Michael Thomas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/26/2018 3:09 pm
S Michael Thomas -- December 26, 2018

Q: Last game at home. What are the emotions on the final game of the year and the way that things have worked out as you take on the team that won the NFC East?
A: For us, it’s another opportunity. Season didn’t go the way we wanted it to go, but we got one last game, we want to end the season with a win. Regardless of who we’re playing, we’re going to go out there and try to put something good on tape.

Q: It’s impressive offensively what Dak (Prescott) can do with (Ezekiel) Elliott and (Amari) Cooper. How are you guys preparing to slow them?
A: Just executing game plan (James) Bettcher has. Like you said they got weapons, but we got some guys that play with a lot of pride, we play hard, we play hard every single game so we’re going to go out there and challenge them, that’s it.

Q: What have you seen – despite injuries, what have you seen on the defensive side of the ball? You guys have improved this second half of the season.
A: Just guys doing their job. Eliminating error, trusting the game plan, going out there trying to execute the game plan. Obviously it’s unfortunate we got some injuries to some key guys, but that just means next man up and we got a lot of young guys that get some opportunities and just got to take advantage of it.

Q: How would you evaluate the second half of the season?
A: We’ve grown, we’ve learned from a lot of mistakes we’ve had. Guys have had a lot of opportunities and we try to take advantage of it. Obviously we didn’t convert a lot of those games into wins and been in them, competed, but there’s no prize for almost. We got to get better with that, we got to learn how to win, learn how to finish games, but that’s what this last game is for. We’re going to continue to work with each other, continue to go hard, and we’re going to improve, that’s it.

Q: What do you expect from Dallas in the sense that they probably could rest guys if they wanted to?
A: I expect them to play their game. We’re going to go out here, we’re going to execute. Whoever lines up out there we’re going to go out there and try to put something good on tape. I don’t know what to expect from them. Like you said, they already won the division, they’re in the playoffs, but whoever plays we’re going to be ready for them.

Q: It’s your last chance to put your stuff on tape. Does that give you a little extra buzz going into the season finale?
A: It really doesn’t matter when we playing or how many games left, it’s the opportunity we have and like you said, all our names are on this tape. The tape is your resume, so anytime you get a chance to go play a game, you want to put something great on it because everybody gets the chance to see it. The last one, it’s the last game everybody remembers – pretty much the last thing you do. What have you done for us lately? So it’s the last one, you want to end the season with a win.

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