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Friday Media Transcript: Defensive Line Coach Gary Emanuel

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/28/2018 12:31 pm
Defensive Line Coach Gary Emanuel -- December 28, 2018

Q: What do you think of how B.J. Hill basically played the whole game the other day? but On his maturation and how he did with such a workload?
A: B.J. did a decent job. He continues to get better each week. Heís getting better and what you want to see is a young player just keep developing in certain areas of the game. Heís getting better against the run, heís better with his technique. The big thing with all young guys, you have to work on consistency, and them handling a heavy workload was good to see.

Q: Move down the line, how about Dalvin Tomlinson and his maturation through the year and how he stepped up in his new role after Snacks (Damon Harrison) was traded?
A: Dalvin is very similar to B.J. Everybody seems to think Dalvinís the old guy. Dalvinís only in his second year, Dalvinís a young player too, so heís getting better each week. His technique is improving, heís got to work on some things as we all do. Weíre really happy with the way Dalvinís headed.

Q: Is that a nice one-two punch for you guys going forward there, two young guys like that?
A: We certainly hope so. Weíre certainly looking forward to them keep getting better each week.

Q: I know around the league the emphasis is on more athleticism in the middle. Can you guys stop the run effectively consistently with players like those guys who get up the field well and are more athletic but donít weigh as much as a guy like Snacks, for example, and are just plugging holes every play if that makes sense?
A: It takes more than one person to stop the run. Itís a team defense. Everybody has to do their job. Gap responsibilities, it takes all 11, as I always say, to stop the run, so you can win with those kind of guys.

Q: RJ (McIntosh), you guys took a look at him over the second half, but he saw fewer snaps last game. What does he need to work on or develop more? I know he started late this year.
A: Well, you said the key thing, he started late, so heís just Ė itís really his preseason almost. Kind of getting his feet under himself. He missed training camp, he missed the preseason games, so thatís eight weeks of football he really missed, so heís just now starting to wind into shape and getting back and getting healthy and things of that nature, so weíre anticipating him to continue to get better.

Q: This is a big draft on the defensive front. Got your eyes on some guys?
A: I got my eyes on the Dallas Cowboys.

Q: When do you start your draft work? Will it start next week Ė
A: We wonít start that until after the seasonís over, obviously. Sometime whenever the pro personnel people give us our guys to look at, thatís when we start looking at it.
Like the Wynn, edwards  
idiotsavant : 12/28/2018 2:26 pm : link
Macintosh, mauro.

BUT this line needs one more playmaking 310+lb dl either alongside the two bigs or in rotation. Or both.

Luckely it's the huge predominant aspect of this draft apparently.
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