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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/28/2018 4:47 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- December 28, 2018

Opening Remarks: I know youíre all wondering, so Odell (Beckham Jr.), Mario Edwards, Rhett Ellison, Alec Ogletree and Russell Shepard are all out, so thatís five. The other guys should be ready to play. Just got to pick two more (for the inactive list). Thatís where weíre at.

Q: You shortened up practice a little bit this week. Whatís the idea of doing that?
A: Not really. Couple of reps here and there. Itís typical this time of year. I think itís important. Theyíve been going through it and regardless of where youíre at, you back off just a little bit because weíve had to go on the turf so many days in a row. I do think it deadens their legs a little bit so I just Ė we did a little bit more in the meeting rooms and try to get them off their feet off of this stuff a little bit.

Q: With what youíve seen this year, with regard to Odell, how much are you looking forward to having a full season with him playing 16, with Saquon (Barkley) 16?
A: I think if we have all our players for every game, I think that goes without saying it gives you the best chance to play well and win games. The reality of this league is thatís not a reality. Thereís injuries that occur and thatís why you have a roster, thatís why itís the ultimate team game, thatís why guys got to step up and make plays. You certainly would love to have all your players playing throughout, but itís a team thing.

Q: What did you think of the season?
A: Weíll talk about that on Monday.

Q: Odell, I mean, his seasonís over.
A: He made plays, he helped us when he was in there. Unfortunately, heís missed the last month so just look forward to getting him back.

Q: Did this thing linger longer than you guys had initially thought it would?
A: Yeah, I mean, heís come in each Monday and said it felt better and we try to get him to game day. Whatever heís dealing with there is just keeping him from playing.

Q: Did he have some sort of setback or did he struggle the last couple of days? He wasnít even out here working on the sideline.
A: No setback. I think itís just the way the rehab took it. Heís been out here and you just didnít quite see some of it because you had to leave.

Q: Saquonís got one game left in his rookie season. Whatís the next step for him? Where does he go beyond after Sunday?
A: Weíll talk about it Sunday, but he needs to go out and put a winning performance on the field. Thatís how you cap off your year and then after that Ė the rookies have to understand Ė theyíre going to have 15 weeks before they come back April 15th, so this is the first time when there isnít structure. Weíre going to guide them on their structure and how they keep themselves in shape, how they train, what they do, so thatís the next step. Veterans have been through it. They have ways of training and making sure theyíre ready to go when we start officially going, so thatís our concern for all rookies and heís no different. Making sure theyíre on the right track.

Q: What was it like watching the game last night and how did you think Kyle (Shurmur) played?
A: It was quite a game. A lot of offense. I thought he battled. I thought he did a lot of good things. Much like any game, they fell a few plays short of winning in a really high-scoring affair. I watched him as a dad and I was proud of his efforts to this point. Heís accomplished a great deal and heís done it because heís made good choices along the way, which has allowed him to go to such a great place like Vanderbilt. Heís on a flight home with the family and heís got a Vanderbilt degree and he helped his team win a lot of games and a few records, so weíll sit down and maybe celebrate later this evening.

Q: How will you handle scouting him?
A: Iíve already scouted him, as you might expect, but I think whatís important is he needs to go through the paces and the people that donít know him as well as I do need to decide what they think of him. I think thatís the fairest way to do this thing. Questionable parenting, thatís the first thing. Thatís one knock. Whatís that?

Q: How much will you be involved? You obviously have something to offer in regards to just the pre-draft process of helping him prepare in that kind of sense?
A: Iíve tried to guide him along the way. Iíve always stayed out of it, though. I havenít called Vanderbilt one time in his tenure there to talk anything football. Derek Mason and (Andy) Ludwig and (Gerry) Gdowski, the coaches that have worked with him, theyíve done an excellent job and thatís his world. Thatís for him. I guide him on little things like body language when thereís an incomplete pass, the camera goes right to you Ė I guide him on things like that, but I think all along, his coaches have done an excellent job of coaching him, but to the process. Now going through the process, Iíll have some pointers I can give him as he goes through this.

Q: How about as the Giants evaluate him? Will you be apart of that or recuse yourself?
A: No, Iíll be involved, but again I think itís like any player coming out of the draft. They go through the paces, thereís exposures to each player, different points here in the offseason and you get tagged with a grade and they make a magnet for you and they put you up on the board. I think heís going to be no different than any of the other players.

Q: Is he going to any all-star games?
A: Weíll have to see. I think heís going to do the Gridiron thing, but at this point thatís what heís set up to do.

Q: You never officially coached him, right, at any level?
A: Yeah, Iíve been his dad for a long time. I mean, weíve played catch quite a bit, but I never was his coach, no.

Q: Did you ever feel like you missed that?
A: No, not really. Iíve watched some dads get really into it and I just really trusted the coaches that he worked with and I watched him with great pride and tried to help him where I could, but I never did.

Q: Do you allow yourself to think of the Ė I mean, maybe a one in 32 chance that he ends up here.
A: I donít know. I think thatíd be hard on his mom.

Q: Well, heíll be home a lot.
A: Yeah, heíd be home a lot. Thatís what Iím saying.

Q: Is (Kyle) Lauletta active this week?
A: Itís potential. Weíll see.
"The gridiron thing"  
kelsto811 : 12/28/2018 5:44 pm : link
Is our event, CGS which I've mentioned here a few times (which the Giants have 8 scouts going to!). Will be fun to see him
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