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Post-Game Transcript: WR Cody Latimer

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/30/2018 6:03 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Cowboys) Transcripts: WR Cody Latimer -- December 30, 2018

Q: On his touchdown and building momentum after that.
A: It was a good touchdown. It was a great throw, though, by Eli (Manning). Eli threw an amazing pass where I was able to get in where the DB wasn’t. Just something we worked on in practice all the time and like I said, it was a great pass and a great play call. I knew it was – missed most of the year to me being out and I just wanted to be able to contribute. I made it back, busted my butt to get back for these last two games. Just trying to show on film for everybody, for myself, and just trying to do the best I can the last two games. Head down, eyes up, and we’ll see what happens.

Q: It looked like on those two one-handed catches you kind of had to catch them with one hand. Can you take us through the two plays and how you came down with them?
A: Like I said, great passing from the quarterback, from Eli. He threw it where I could catch it and like I said just practice. Just having to make the play, focusing on the ball and like I said, happy to come down with them.

Q: We have seen Saquon Barkley jumping over people, everybody was making all the tough plays. What was one of your favorite moments of the season for the offense?
A: I honestly don’t have just one, there’s too many. Everybody’s made big plays on offense. Even 10 (Manning) got a touchdown last week. Everybody’s made plays, so it’s not just one all play. A lot of them have been ‘wow’ plays because like I said, we have some great playmakers on this side of the ball and everybody gets their opportunity. They always make the most of them and they play hard, physical, and like I said, it’s not just one play, it’s many of them.

Q: Talk about the fight of the team. You guys never gave up, you guys were 1-7, but still battled back. With yourself, you battled back through a hamstring injury. Talk about the fight and character of this locker room.
A: It was just something built throughout the offseason, through training camp, getting everyone together on one page and we had a lot of new guys filling in, like my guy Bennie (Fowler) he’s over here, guys that came in, bought in and brought more energy to the team, but like I said, it’s just been that dog in us. We don’t give up, we fight until the end and like I said, everybody’s making the most of their opportunities. We came up short, but got time to evaluate everything and see what happens.

Q: What did coach say at halftime that sort of helped turn this thing around because it looked like it was more of a struggle during the first half than the second half offensively –
A: He said what he always says. Coach is short and sweet getting to the point. Just gave us one short and sweet. Everybody keep fighting, pretty much. Leaders step up and lead and that’s what they do and that’s what they did and everybody came out to play.

Q: What do you think about the season Eli Manning had?
A: I think he was good. He’s a heck of a quarterback. Definitely Hall of Fame in my eyes. Two-time Super Bowl champ. What more do you want and I think he’s faced a lot of adversity from criticism from everybody in the world and outsiders looking in and I love how he handled it. He’s a perfect example of what a pro should be. Eli never got fazed once and came and kept playing, making plays, playing his butt off, working extra hard, weight room, on/off the field. Somebody I would recommend everybody looked at and like I said, he got that attitude that I don’t care what everybody’s saying, I’m going to keep doing me.

Q: How much did he make you a better player?
A: A lot. Like I said, watching him, how he prepares, how he came in everyday, how he’s about his business and I always, since I’ve been in the league, talked down and always been put on the back burner and stuff and everybody got their things to say and me knowing that this year coming for him, everybody wanted to say what they want to say and he didn’t worry about it. He kept playing and proving everybody wrong and I love that.

Q: Do you want him to be the quarterback next year?
A: Whoever the quarterback is – of course, I will – but whoever it is is going to be the quarterback. Everybody’s going to have to rock with whoever it is. Of course, you want 10 back in.

Q: What did coach say to the team after the game?
A: That we fought. We’re a strong team. You see how much you progress throughout the whole season and a lot of people come in and out and like I said, new bodies and coming in and making an impact, so pretty much that we all fought together. We’re strong, we’re a team, and that nobody hangs their heads. Like I said, things just happen and we’ll see you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

Q: Coach was talking about how you guys can learn from all the losing this season. Every loss has its own story, so is there a common thread, you think, that this team can build upon?
A: To keep it simple, a loss is a lesson. We had some lessons and like I said, we built from it. Nobody’s giving up. You can see the fight in this team and what we’re capable of and next year, just got to come in with that mindset knowing that what happened this year, but how hard we fought and kept going, kept being there for each other, playing for each other.
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