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Monday Media Transcript: LT Nate Solder

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/31/2018 2:43 pm
LT Nate Solder -- December 31, 2018

Q: When you look back at this season, disappointment, progress, what do you think?
A: Well youíre disappointed in the wins and losses column. Obviously we had so many close games and so many close calls and we didnít way the way we wanted to play for a lot of the season so those are disappointing I suppose, but then again thatís life and you grow and youíre getting better and youíre improving and you donít get caught up in losses like you donít get caught up in the wins and you move forward.

Q: Because of you coming from such a successful organization like the Patriots, you have seen and experienced what a winning culture is and how winning character is developed. Could you identify for us how far along this locker room has come and how close it is to becoming what it needs to be?
A: I donít know what it was before, honestly. I wasnít here last year and wasnít a part of that, but the second I got here, there was guys that cared, guys that worked hard. I felt unified with the same cause, guys believing in each other and I think thatís what it is. Itís the guys in this room and this locker room that make the difference and hopefully your coaches put you in a good position to be successful, but in the end it comes down to how we work together and how we play together and how much we support and love each other.

Q: How are you going to spend your first January without football in your NFL career?
A: I donít know, Iím working that out right now. I was just talking with the strength and conditioning staff about recovery and getting back into training and all the things I hadnít dealt with before and last year was mid-February before I was talking about those things so itís a little different, but maybe itís another opportunity to get that much better and have a better season next year.

Obviously your body has more time to recover.
A: More time to recover, more time to build and strengthen and everything, yeah. Maximize that.

Q: Are you look forward to watching playoff games? You never really got a chance to do that either.
A: You know what, Iím really looking forward to spending time with my two kids and my wife. Those are the two groups of people that I want to spend my time with and we like football and weíll watch it, but you know what, thereís more important things at this time of year.

Q: Not going to Times Square to stand out in the rain?
A: No, Iím not. (Laughter)

Q: Coach was talking about how the offense started to come along once the offensive line stabilized. Talk about after the bye week, did you have that same kind of feeling as well?
A: I think thereís more stability in our offensive line at the end of the season than there was in the beginning of the season and for whatever reason thatís true. I think that a lot of the offense is built off the success of the offensive line and how consistent we can be and how well weíre doing our job. If your offensive line is knocking guys off the ball you can make some yards.
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