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Monday Media Transcript: LB Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/31/2018 3:50 pm
LB Olivier Vernon -- December 31, 2018

Q: Do you see signs that this team is on an upswing?
A: The record is what our record is, but if anybody has been watching the games, I feel like we got a lot of guys that play hard. Despite knowing a few weeks ago that we werenít going to make the playoffs, I feel like guys laid it all out in these games, even though when it came down and it was close, everybody was fighting. I think that goes to the credit to a lot of guys on this team and their mentality of always trying to finish no matter what it is, no matter if weíre not heading into the postseason, but we got a lot of guys that take a lot of pride in their names being out there, and representing the New York Giants. Unfortunately, things just didnít go our way. Thatís football. It happens, and the only thing you can do is hit the reset button, and bounce back. At the end of the day, nobody is going to care what you did last year. Itís all about this new year coming in. I feel like we got a lot of guys in this locker room that got that same mentality. We just got to keep moving forward and be positive.

Q: Six quarterback hits from you yesterday and 2.5 more sacks. The last four games have been big for you. Any reason for that?
A: I just feel like we were out there playing. I wish we had the wins, but just didnít go our way. Right now, all we can do is hit the reset button.

Q: Do you think this team grew away from that 3-13 culture that Coach Shurmur was trying to steer you guys away from?
A: Itís a whole different team. A lot of different faces. Itís probably like a handful of guys that was on the team this year, but I feel like the culture, as far as what Coach Shurmur has been trying to bring in, as far what you expect from the guys, and our expectations. We understand expectations, we didnít get to achieve what we wanted to in the beginning of the year, but when you put the tape on, you canít really say guys werenít fighting. I think that goes to when you want to build a team, you want to build a team with guys that are going to lay it out on the line no matter what. I feel like thatís the foundation we just got to work off on.

Q: What is the next step that has to be taken for this team to be a playoff team next season?
A: You just got to learn and grown from it. Every year is a learning year, a learning process. Whatever you did this season or last season, it doesnít really matter anymore. You got teams that are making it to the playoffs, and then the next year, they donít. You got to hit that reset button, no matter what you did the year before. You got to go out there and prove it again. I feel like when it comes down to that, you got to have the right guys in the building to do that. I feel like the guys theyíre trying to bring in are representing the New York Giants football team.

Q: Any doubt that youíll be back here next year?
A: No, thatís really out of my hands right there. All Iím really focusing on is today. So, Happy New Year everybody, and thatís it (laughter).

Q: Do you want to be back?
A: Iíd love to be back. Again, itís out of my control right there. Like I said, Happy New Year to everybody again. I hope everybody is safe.
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