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Analyzing Saquon Barkley's UNREAL Rookie Year | Baldy Breakd

Tom from LI : 1/4/2019 9:09 am
This kid is really special.. I am so happy the Giants drafted him.

Baldy again with a great breakdown.
Barkley - ( New Window )
Les in TO : 1/4/2019 9:18 am : link
Athlete. The blocking on the redskins TD with nine in the box was perfect
Notice how Shepard shows up in most of those runs  
robbieballs2003 : 1/4/2019 9:27 am : link
That was a fun watch.  
Britt in VA : 1/4/2019 9:34 am : link
I think my favorite part of Sterling Sheppard's game this year was his run blocking.
mpinmaine : 1/4/2019 9:40 am : link
I would marry him if I wasn't already married..(my wife would be pissed). .stay healthy SB!
I think Saquon should get  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 1/4/2019 9:44 am : link
Offensive Rookie of the Year just because he did a ton more with the piss poor line that we have.

The Browns were being hyped all offseason as a team that had the pieces to be a good team, and Baker had a way better situation that he came into.
SS = Hines Ward  
giants#1 : 1/4/2019 9:47 am : link
His first 3 seasons have actually been better than Ward's receiving wise.
RE: Notice how Shepard shows up in most of those runs  
Brown Recluse : 1/4/2019 11:39 am : link
In comment 14246992 robbieballs2003 said:

Dont let dep see that. His head might explode.
Love this kid  
Johnny5 : 1/4/2019 12:49 pm : link
So glad we drafted him. Stellar player with unbelievable character.
Awesome video/analysis  
ChathamMark : 1/4/2019 8:53 pm : link
He's special, and agree with the previous poster about Shep's blocking.
Love Baldy...  
EricJ : 1/4/2019 9:51 pm : link
and so glad he used some decent music in his video instead of that ghetto shit we hear in most youtube highlight vids.

I think next year if our OL improves we will be seeing a lot more of those incredible runs.
I love that Baldy likes Barkley  
BestFeature : 1/4/2019 10:39 pm : link
But my God does he annoy the shit out of me with his over the top tone.
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