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RIP George Welsh

Greg from LI : 1/4/2019 11:56 am
The Old Salt resurrected two football programs. His alma mater, Navy, floundered in the decade after Roger Staubach, but by the late '70s he turned them into a winner, going 31-15-1 in his last four seasons and making three bowl games. Phil McConkey played for him there.

Then, he took over a moribund UVA program in 1982 that had just gone 1-10 and posted just two winning seasons in 28 years. He went 2-9 that first year and then had just one other losing season in the next 18 years. Won 7+ games for 13 straight seasons, always with dignity and class. Never a hint of any impropriety in the program.

He was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 2004, a richly deserved honor. Also was a damned fine player in his own right, a first team All-American QB at Navy and 3rd in the 1955 Heisman voting.

Fair winds and following seas, Coach.
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Man, now I know why you are always miserable  
figgy2989 : 1/4/2019 12:01 pm : link
Even as good as Welsh was with Virginia, even he didn't have a winning record against V-Tech. Although he was 8 and 6 against Beamer, so that has to put a smile on your face.

well-deserved college HOF'er  
Del Shofner : 1/4/2019 12:07 pm : link
and always seemed like a good guy (albeit from afar in my case). RIP.
AcidTest : 1/4/2019 12:12 pm : link
football was a total joke before he arrived. We went to the Peach Bowl a few years after he became coach, and beat Purdue with Jim Everett. RIP. God bless. He also beat Clemson, who we had never beaten IIRC.
I went to UVA biz school...  
bw in dc : 1/4/2019 12:16 pm : link
I was very fond of Welsh and the program he ran. He really emphasized the student part of the student-athlete concept.

A great coach and an even better man.
Beat me to it Greg...  
Pete in CO : 1/4/2019 3:10 pm : link
God Bless Coach and thanks for the memories.
I was there to see the likes of Shawn Moore, Herman Moore, Terry Kirby, Chris Slade, Matt Blundin, Yusef Jackson, Greg Jeffries, etc.
Despite losing to GT, that game of Nationally Ranked #1 teams was soooo much fun.
As much as I disdain all things UVA (as a Terp should)...  
tony stg : 1/4/2019 7:55 pm : link
... Coach Welsh was always deserving of respect and admiration. My condolences to Greg and all other Navy and Cavalier fans who are grieving this loss.

Boy I remember him coaching  
section125 : 1/4/2019 8:16 pm : link
Navy and leaving. I was disappointed.

RIP Coach.
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