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NFT: NBA: Jimmy Butler causing trouble again?

DanMetroMan : 1/4/2019 3:30 pm
"Philadelphia 76ers All-Star Jimmy Butler has aggressively challenged coach Brett Brown on his role in the offense, complicating an already tenuous chemistry among the team's Big 3 hierarchy, league sources told ESPN.

Butler has been vocal in his contesting of Brown and his system, including a recent film session in Portland that some witnesses considered "disrespectful" and beyond normal player-coach discourse.

Brown has told people within the organization that he had no issues with that exchange and considered it within the confines of the relationship that he's developed with Butler, sources said.

While a source close to Butler contends that his intense, direct style can come off as combative as he's trying to make clear his viewpoints, Butler's sluggish assimilation into the Sixers environment is causing some concern about his long-term viability and fit with the organization, league sources said. Nevertheless, the franchise's full focus and resources remain on making this new partnership work this season and beyond."
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Jimmy Butler is an asshole to another coach?  
shockeyisthebest8056 : 1/4/2019 3:33 pm : link
I'm shocked.
Huge surprise!  
Jay on the Island : 1/4/2019 3:33 pm : link
I am so glad that he isn't on the Knicks.
I posted this in the other thread  
dep026 : 1/4/2019 3:42 pm : link
Heís a team killer. He has been since he became the guy in Chicago.

Come on  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 1/4/2019 3:47 pm : link
Jimmy Buckets.
Philly should turnaround and trade Butler...  
bw in dc : 1/4/2019 3:47 pm : link
He's a self-involved jackass who thinks he's Michael Jordan.

RE: I posted this in the other thread  
TyreeHelmet : 1/4/2019 3:48 pm : link
In comment 14247562 dep026 said:
Heís a team killer. He has been since he became the guy in Chicago.

What he pulled in Minny was despicable and he avoided major criticism. Iím all for players getting paid but he refused to play and quit on this team. I wouldnít touch this player with a ten foot pole.

I think the sixers will regret that trade. Give me Covington or Saric over this guy. Great player but he will destroy your team.
DanMetroMan : 1/4/2019 3:50 pm : link
surprised Saric hasn't been better. When I watch him I'm often impressed but the numbers are only "okay".
RE: Kinda  
dep026 : 1/4/2019 4:25 pm : link
In comment 14247572 DanMetroMan said:
surprised Saric hasn't been better. When I watch him I'm often impressed but the numbers are only "okay".

His shot just isnít falling. I think he got heavy too. Very slow.
Trade him  
spike : 1/4/2019 4:35 pm : link
To The Knicks!
He needs to be evaluated  
Ssanders9816 : 1/4/2019 5:19 pm : link
I think heís seriously unstable
RE: Trade him  
TommyWiseau : 1/4/2019 5:33 pm : link
In comment 14247642 spike said:
To The Knicks!

I want nothing to do with him
Was just on phone with buddy who is from Philly  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 1/4/2019 7:40 pm : link
And is a big Sixers fan. He's already off the Jimmy Buckets bandwagon, if you will. To paraphrase him...

'Was willing to give it a chance, but not endearing to me at all. Dude is always bitching. Chicago. Minny. Now here. This is Embiid's team. It always will be. Jimmy needs to accept his place on the team and STFU. He hasn't even been here 2 whole months. We should have got Kawhi or PG.'
Sorry to hear a Philly  
Giant John : 1/5/2019 7:23 am : link
Player for any team is having problems, wha, wha & wha.
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