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NFT: Anyone familiar with GOAT

Chris684 : 1/5/2019 3:00 pm
Marketplace for buying/selling sneakers?

Iím looking for a pair of Jordans and obviously only want the real thing. I read about GOAT and the steps they take to eliminate fakes but maybe someone has firsthand experience?

Got Yeezys from there once  
ajr2456 : 1/5/2019 4:31 pm : link
And know people who use it regularly. Itís legit
You could try  
BillT : 1/5/2019 7:50 pm : link
StockX as well.
My son sells a bunch on GOAT  
WideRight : 1/5/2019 8:16 pm : link

Does it for legit business, and likes it because it eliminates alot of potential problems.
arcarsenal : 1/5/2019 8:19 pm : link
I use StockX mostly. I think I used Kixify a few times in the past. But I've sold a few pairs through StockX (UNC off-white AJ1's, Kaws 4's) and they have their shit together.

I do know people who use GOAT - they say it's legit and I'd trust them. I just haven't tried it yet.
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