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NFT: Mets acquire corner OF JD Davis from Houston

Defenderdawg : 1/6/2019 1:04 pm
Andy Martino (@martinonyc)
1/6/19, 12:55 PM
Source: the Mets have acquired jd Davis from HOUSTON for minor leaguers. Done. Tim Brown started it

MLB Trade

ďA third-round pick of the Astros in 2014, Davis ranked among the teamís top-15 prospects at Baseball America through the 2017 campaign. Davis has shown plenty of promise by raking in the minors, particularly at the Triple-A level, where he debuted in 2017 and has slashed .335/.400/.589 with 22 home runs in 450 plate appearances. He has also picked up experience at all four corner positions at Triple-A, though most of his professional work has come at third base.

While Davis held his own in Houstonís system, he wasnít much of a factor in the majors for the club. He performed decently across 68 PAs in 2017, the year the Astros won the World Series, but was ineffective across 113 trips last season. Thus far, Davis is just a .194/.260/.321 hitter with five homers in 181 major league PAs.Ē

Defenderdawg : 1/6/2019 1:07 pm : link
New York Mets (@Mets)
1/6/19, 1:00 PM
Weíve acquired infielder J.D. Davis and minor league infielder Cody Bohanek from Houston in exchange for minor leaguers Ross Adolph, Luis Santana and Scott Manea
Rflairr : 1/6/2019 1:08 pm : link
Could have just signed a real impact player like Marwin. Jeesfh
At least that elimates Lugo going to Houston in a larger deal  
Defenderdawg : 1/6/2019 1:11 pm : link
As had been rumored
Seems like they gave up a lot for another .175 hitter  
debo_GIANTS : 1/6/2019 1:13 pm : link
Both of these moves seem redundant since we have similar guys on the roster in TJ Rivera and Lagares.

Brodie is striping the farm system, Santana and Adolph were interesting prospects.
New VP of scouting Baird must have  
Rory : 1/6/2019 1:14 pm : link
saw something he liked

Oh JFC  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 1:16 pm : link
JD Davis was a fucking stud in AAA. We are criticizing him on his first 100 or so atbats in the majors??? Heís a .194 hitter? Seriously?

This another solid move. Young RH bat that also plays 3B.
I like this move  
Metnut : 1/6/2019 1:19 pm : link
Buy low on a guy with upside. Weíve really improved our Of depth the last two days.
Basically nuked what seemed to be our most promising draft in years  
Eric on Li : 1/6/2019 1:23 pm : link
this offseason. Donít love Davisí profile - seems to be opposite of the type of hitter that does well at Citi.
I feel a lot better about the Broxton move  
Metnut : 1/6/2019 1:25 pm : link
after adding Davis. We really needed bodies out there and we added two pretty interesting guys. Iíd still prefer Pollock but if we didnít have financial flexibility for that, this is a rational alternate plan.
And for the record I liked all three  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 1:26 pm : link
players we gave up but none were close and how far is somebody like Santana really going to go with Mauricio, Gimenez, and Rosario blocking him?
Davis was on pace for 35 HR in AAA last year  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 1:30 pm : link
He was also very good across AA and AAA in 2017. Heís blocked by Bregman. Heís basically Alonso at 3B with better D.
Brodie is doing a lot of Steve Phillips  
bhill410 : 1/6/2019 1:30 pm : link
Esch moves. Personally I hate this deal but I donít admittedly know a lot about jd Davis
I wouldnít view Davis as a short term move  
Metnut : 1/6/2019 1:33 pm : link
Heís under team control for a while. 3B/OF is nice positional flexibility.
It's a good acquisition. He hasn't proven himself at the mlb level,  
Ira : 1/6/2019 1:36 pm : link
but we didn't give up much to get a player with his upside.
RE: Oh JFC  
PhiPsi125 : 1/6/2019 1:37 pm : link
In comment 14249757 ZGiants98 said:
JD Davis was a fucking stud in AAA. We are criticizing him on his first 100 or so atbats in the majors??? Heís a .194 hitter? Seriously?

This another solid move. Young RH bat that also plays 3B.

Eh, yes he was great in his AAA 85 game stint last season but it was a bit of an outlier and also in the PCL. Ironically, the closest he's gotten to those AAA numbers were the 16 AAA games he played in 2017...also in the PCL. Knowing what we know now about the PCL, i'll heavily discount those games.

Pray for health this season...because these are nothing more than warm bodies.
Heís raked at every level of the minors  
Metnut : 1/6/2019 1:42 pm : link
Even after adjusting for stuff like the PCL.

I would have preferred to sign  
pjcas18 : 1/6/2019 1:43 pm : link
a FA than give up Santana for a JAG/lottery ticket.

Santana has upside.

Adolph was already 22 and hasn't hit low A yet (as a college draftee), so no big deal IMO - 12th round college bat isn't a huge loss (without knowing much about him), but I wouldn't have included Santana and sure I'm prospect hugging, but Davis isn't a guy I'd be interested in losing upside for.

don't know anything about Manea other than he's from two towns over from where I live in MA, so it was cool to follow him.

this is a nothing to get worked up about IMO, just not something that would be news on a newsworthy day.
Iíd rather gamble on kids like this  
Metnut : 1/6/2019 1:44 pm : link
rather than the AGonz/Bautista type moves that Sandy loved.
JD Davis May end up a stud in the majors  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 1:44 pm : link
Or not. Itís a gamble. No different then banking on anything to come of players like Adolph and Santana 6 years from now.

I donít really get talking about ďoutliersĒ for players in the minors either. Young prospects develop and breakout. Thatís what supposed to happen. Citing PCL is legit and yes the HR totals might be inflated but he was also on pace for 40 doubles. Alonso played in the PCL also.
With no pricey OF likely to be signed  
Metnut : 1/6/2019 1:48 pm : link
Iíd think thereís enough left in the budget to bring in a decent pitcher. Would love to be aggressive and add Ottavino. Would make back end of our pen dominant and give us bigtime flexibility with Lugo.
With good years both santana and Adolph could have entered our top 10  
Eric on Li : 1/6/2019 1:55 pm : link
Donít love giving that kind of potential up for a depth guy. And when I say good years I donít mean an unexpected breakout, just continuing to put up the strong numbers they did last year as they advance in level. Guess we will see, but Iíd guess Davis wonít be much of an upgrade over just signing a veteran COF or TJ Rivera. Hope Iím wrong though.
These guys hate the Mets off-season  
pjcas18 : 1/6/2019 1:57 pm : link

Zach Braziller
‏Verified account @NYPost_Brazille

I hope #mets fans see this through this offseason. This is about selling tickets and fake contending. Payroll has stayed same. Theyíve traded quality prospects rather than spend. You can change the GM but the issue as always are the Wilpons.
1:24 PM - 6 Jan 2019

Jarrett Seidler
‏ @jaseidler
13m13 minutes ago
Replying to @NYPost_Brazille

itís actually on track to go *down* substantially if you donít start double counting buyouts, use real salary instead of CBT, and consider the insurance money
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This is scary if true  
pjcas18 : 1/6/2019 1:59 pm : link
Michael Mayer Retweeted
‏ @FTLO_Baseball
7m7 minutes ago
Replying to @mikemayerMMO

Totally agree. But what's scary still is that all of MLB saw what went down today and GMs are gonna call on Vientos and Newton. Brodie clearly has no attachment to guys that are still years away and hasn't shown he can get good value at this point either. Not with this latest one
Btw in the top 50 poll DMM does Santana was #11 and Adolph #18  
Eric on Li : 1/6/2019 1:59 pm : link
Also in comparison to Brockton trade, they gave up lesser prospects for a guy who he actually proven to be an MLB contributor. This is a relatively big bet on davis.
Yeah they might be in our top 10  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 2:01 pm : link
With good years. Davis WAS in Houstonís top 10 heading into 2018 and their system smoked ours. Also, that was before he went HAM in AAA.
pjcas18 : 1/6/2019 2:05 pm : link

Jarrett Seidler
‏ @jaseidler
37m37 minutes ago

the Mets never have the left hand and the right hand talking to each other and that was one of the things they were selling you on in the new regime except now theyíre trading all the dudes the scouting side loved for analytics darlings that donít fit in with the new coaching
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 2:09 pm : link
Can be replaced in any draft.
RE: Yeah they might be in our top 10  
Eric on Li : 1/6/2019 2:12 pm : link
In comment 14249863 ZGiants98 said:
With good years. Davis WAS in Houstonís top 10 heading into 2018 and their system smoked ours. Also, that was before he went HAM in AAA.

Ok but heís blocked here just the same at all 4 corners so itís still 2 good prospects for a depth piece. They must think he is Hanniger to do this deal.
yes, Alonso played in the PCL also, however, his numbers  
PhiPsi125 : 1/6/2019 2:20 pm : link
weren't inflated while in the PCL in comparison to his career numbers in the minors. Now, that might not be a positive thing but Alonso is the one I'd say is "raking" at every level of the minors.

My point is that when stating that a player was a fucking stud in AAA to support the move while also understanding that his numbers in AAA are's a bit disingenuous.

Either way...nothing to get crazy over. I'm conflicted on this offseason. Like the moves at catcher and with the backend of the BP. Not crazy about the Cano deal and every other move seems to be meh.
Sammo85 : 1/6/2019 2:23 pm : link
is good 3B insurance. Iím not sold on Frazier over a full season and with how swoons occasionally.

Iím starting to get really tired of these so called Twitter ďexpertsĒ. I criticize the Mets and am as doubtful of Brodie as much as anybody but these last few moves are baseball moves. And I am quite favorable towards them.

Broxton and Davis are good bets.
I like broxton deal, donít like this one.  
Eric on Li : 1/6/2019 2:31 pm : link
Broxton filed a specific need, has 3+ proven big league tools and he cost a couple relievers.

Davis has no clear path to playing time and cost 2 good prospects at valuable positions.
Mike in NY : 1/6/2019 2:35 pm : link
Considering we have Vientos, Newton, Toffey and Gimenez in the minors Santana is less of a loss. Did like Adolph though as he could be a bit of a sleeper.
Forgot Mauricio on my list  
Mike in NY : 1/6/2019 2:37 pm : link
The Mets actually have a number of IF prospects. OF and pitching is a different story and we lack middle of the order bat among our prospects if Alonso can't hack it defensively.
RE: RE: Yeah they might be in our top 10  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 2:37 pm : link
In comment 14249901 Eric on Li said:
In comment 14249863 ZGiants98 said:


With good years. Davis WAS in Houstonís top 10 heading into 2018 and their system smoked ours. Also, that was before he went HAM in AAA.

Ok but heís blocked here just the same at all 4 corners so itís still 2 good prospects for a depth piece. They must think he is Hanniger to do this deal.

Haniger? Huh? Haniger is one of the best players in the game. Why can't he be another "Alonso" but at 3B? Alsono isnt guaranteed to be a star but we are all high on him.

Looks to me like Brody is gearing up to jettison players like Frazier and Lagares while finding suitable replacements.
Frazier is our starting 3B heading into  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 2:39 pm : link
2019. That's all we really need to know about wanting 3B depth. I love McNeil and am hoping he can take over 3B but it's probably not the worst thing to have multiple options.
If Smith or Frazier ends up our opening day 1B  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 2:40 pm : link
Does that make Alonso "just another depth piece"?
Mets just traded Plawecki  
Metnut : 1/6/2019 2:46 pm : link
for a reliever.
RE: Mets just traded Plawecki  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 2:48 pm : link
In comment 14249989 Metnut said:
for a reliever.

Nice! Felt this was coming. Who?
Pardon me, looks like heís starter  
Metnut : 1/6/2019 2:48 pm : link
Looks like Mets will have TDA backup and Lockett adds to SP depth.
Walker Lockett?  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 2:48 pm : link
Lockett had an ok  
Metnut : 1/6/2019 2:50 pm : link
year in AAA last year and was hit hard in limited MLB action.
Also Sam Haggerty...  
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 2:51 pm : link
Dont love this. Was hoping for something more useful than AAA SP depth.
ZGiants98 : 1/6/2019 3:27 pm : link

MLB talent evaluator on J.D. Davis: ďGood FB can beat him but good off speed hitter. Good power. Has some swing and miss, can get a little long at times. Adequate defensively, maybe a step short. Great arm.
Great young man that deserves an opportunity.Ē
I can't really complain  
giantsFC : 1/6/2019 5:34 pm : link
these are fun deals with upside.

I thought we all got tired of Mets brass marching out the same "home grown" garbage prospects to fill in spots on the MLB roster the past decade.

At least these are new refreshing names that were groomed by farm systems that maybe helped improve ability?

Ok w these deals. but NOT ok with the same ole Wilpons mid market managment.
The Mets may want to move Frazier and look at McNeil and Davis  
Ira : 1/6/2019 6:13 pm : link
as candidates to take over. Frazier might get us someone we need (cf, pitcher).
Here's an in depth write-up from Logenhagen  
Eric on Li : 1/6/2019 9:10 pm : link
Some of it is encouraging, but other than being obviously cheaper it seems far from a foregone conclusion Davis will do any better than what Wilmer could have done (at least at 1st and 3rd).
Davis is talented ó he has plus-plus raw power, a plus-plus arm, and can play several positions, though none especially well ó but itís hard to see how he fits in New York without taking playing time from players who have greater long-term potential and might also be just as good as Davis is right now. He doesnít complement Todd Frazier or Peter Alonso ó the two players projected to start for the Mets at Davisí primary positions ó in any way. Like Frazier and Alonso, Davis hits right-handed and isnít a good infield defender.

He does have experience in the outfield corners, an area where the Mets need warm bodies, so perhaps weíll see Davis used as a platoon or situational corner outfielder as a means of getting him at-bats against left-handed pitching. Davis hit .348/.419/.583 against southpaws last year and .344/.401/.800 in 2017, with most of that production coming at Triple-A Fresno.

I go back and forth on which guy it hurts to lose more between Santana and Adolph, and honestly I think it's probably Adolph just because there's literally nothing else at CF in the entire org whereas there are a ton of middle infielders.
Adolph,22, is an interesting small-school sleeper who hit .322/.445/.654 as a junior at Toledo, then signed for $125,000 as a 2018 12th rounder. He continued to rake at short-season Brooklyn after signing, hitting .276/.348/.509 and swiping 14 bases (on 17 attempts) in 60 games.

Heís an above-average runner with good instincts in center field, and thereís a chance he can stay there. He could be a 50 bat with gap power who is playable in center, which would make him at least a viable big league fourth outfielder. He was going to be a prominent part of the Mets prospect listsí honorable mention section. We whiffed on him pre-draft, but our sources who saw him in pro ball raved and Iím very interested to see how he hits in full-season ball next year because I think the industryís error bars on small school bats are pretty large due to the quality of pitching they face.

I lean towards agreeing with the conclusion but who knows maybe we will get lucky and this guy can end up blossoming like Laureno did for the A's this year (who houston traded under similar circumstances). Would be easier to be optimistic if there was a clearer path to playing time.
I understand the Mets desire to add high-probability contributors to their big league roster, even if theyíre low-impact players, but moving a prospect like Santana for the kind of role player readily available on the open market feels short-sighted.

Mets Acquire J.D. Davis at Steep Price - ( New Window )
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