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Denver to hire Fangio

jeff57 : 1/9/2019 12:04 pm
as HC
FatMan in Charlotte : 1/9/2019 12:04 pm : link
never really see him as HC material, but rather the ultimate coordinator.
Is he bringing Kubiak as the OC?  
bradshaw44 : 1/9/2019 12:05 pm : link
I heard they were considering forcing Kubiak on any new coach.
Vic Fangio has consistently heralded top defenses in this league  
Anakim : 1/9/2019 12:07 pm : link
We'll see if that translates over into HC
Jay on the Island : 1/9/2019 12:08 pm : link
I thought they would go with Munchak.
Looks like Kubiak is returning to Denver  
Anakim : 1/9/2019 12:21 pm : link
As the OC
figgy2989 : 1/9/2019 12:27 pm : link
Didn't realize he is already 60. He's been in the league a long time.
Anakim : 1/9/2019 12:33 pm : link
Top 10 total defense: 8 times (Top 5, 5 times)

Top 10 scoring defense: 8 Times (Top 5, 5 times)

That's damn impressive, but it makes you wonder why he hasn't been hired as a HC until now.
RE: Looks like Kubiak is returning to Denver  
Anakim : 1/9/2019 12:41 pm : link
In comment 14255433 Anakim said:
As the OC

Scratch that.

"Ideally, Vic Fangio and John Elway would like a young coach to become offensive coordinator with Gary Kubiak serving in a broader offensive role. Kubiak resigned as head coach for health reasons two years ago. OC still to be determined"
Schefter tweeted that Kubiak will be the OC and running the offense.  
shockeyisthebest8056 : 1/9/2019 12:53 pm : link
Kubiak is a terrific coach. Don't be surprised if Lindsey rushes for 1200-1400 next year.

Ive wanted the Giants to get Fangio as a DC for years  
blueblood : 1/9/2019 12:59 pm : link
back to when he was a LB coach..

Always liked his defenses... all his units always do well.
arcarsenal : 1/9/2019 1:00 pm : link
Sounds like Bowles actually hasn't taken the DC job in TB yet and he could be the guy that replaces Fangio in CHI.
ryanmkeane : 1/9/2019 1:12 pm : link
good to see a guy like this getting a shot  
bluepepper : 1/9/2019 1:54 pm : link
so many young guns with paper thin resumes being hired now you kinda feel for some of the veteran assistants who more than paid their dues and can't get a sniff.
An opportunity for the Giants to offer Munchak  
NYRiese : 1/9/2019 1:58 pm : link
an assistant HC position and put him in charge of the OL?
This is who I wanted as DC  
Boatie Warrant : 1/9/2019 2:13 pm : link
When Perry Fewell was fired.

And as HC After TC.

I think he will do a great job. It will be interesting to see what staff he assembles.
Boatie Warrant : 1/9/2019 2:14 pm : link
Perry Fewell was hired not Fired
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