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NGT: powerful story about Clemson's equipment manager

FranknWeezer : 1/10/2019 10:50 am
Not a Clemson fan, but you don't have to be to appreciate this.
David Seville is the heart of Clemson football - ( New Window )
Greg from LI : 1/10/2019 10:50 am : link
Sorry, I had to do it.
Pete from Woodstock : 1/10/2019 10:57 am : link
That's Fantastic  
MattyKid : 1/10/2019 11:09 am : link
Big time D1 college football  
GiantsRage2007 : 1/10/2019 11:16 am : link
Isn't exactly the moral high ground of the world, but how nice is it to see a story like this and not some of the crap at Ohio State etc...

Great story.
my sister-in-law has downs  
oghwga : 1/10/2019 11:18 am : link
she is awesome.

Thanks for sharing. I sent the link to my wife she'll be crying like a baby.
good stuff  
gtt350 : 1/10/2019 11:35 am : link
FatMan in Charlotte : 1/10/2019 12:03 pm : link
have been a lot of good stories to come out of that program.

I won't say anything about his football ethics because I think every program at that level has some questionable things, but Dabo is a good man, a charitable man and truly does put his heart and soul into that program.
Awesome thanks for posting never get  
JCin332 : 1/10/2019 12:06 pm : link
tired of these types of stories...
What a story!  
ep in md : 1/10/2019 12:09 pm : link
Fantastic. A great guy. Glad he has 2 rings now!
larryinnewhaven : 1/10/2019 12:13 pm : link
is up here in New Haven this weekend for Walter Camp. What a great story
Good post FMIC  
figgy2989 : 1/10/2019 12:15 pm : link
Dabo is definitely a different breed. Just look at how he interacts with his team, especially after the championship.

Man what a story. I'm speechless.  
Blue21 : 1/10/2019 1:54 pm : link
Great story.  
Beezer : 1/10/2019 5:04 pm : link
I do wonder about the Dadís comment. About if he could choose to do it over and have his son not have a disability.
Culture Difference  
Mark in ATL : 1/10/2019 7:13 pm : link
When the Alabama native freshman WR Ross said he chose Clemson over the Tide, he said it was because of Clemsonís Ďcultureí. Supposedly Daboís Coach of the Year acceptance speech is pretty intense, also.
beautiful story  
Moondawg : 1/10/2019 8:13 pm : link
thanks for posting.
RE: Great story.  
santacruzom : 1/10/2019 10:33 pm : link
In comment 14257333 Beezer said:
I do wonder about the Dadís comment. About if he could choose to do it over and have his son not have a disability.

I figure it's one of those positions you couldn't properly share or understand unless you or someone close had a child with special needs.
Yeah. I suppose.  
Beezer : 1/11/2019 7:17 am : link
I realize his son is approaching 30 and has done very well. Just a very tough question ... youíve watched all the successes through all the heartache. But itís the butterfly effect, I suppose. You get a do-over with a son with no special needs. But then what? You just never know. Tough one.
Just great  
Jimmy Googs : 1/11/2019 7:31 am : link
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