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Grant Haley: Lovely heartwarming story

Jay in Toronto : 1/31/2019 9:46 am
about him and his Mom.

They both sound like class folks. Another reason to root for both of them.

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FatMan in Charlotte : 1/31/2019 9:56 am : link
for sharing. Cool article
Glad you posted that. Sure hope it works out for her.  
FranknWeezer : 1/31/2019 10:12 am : link
That article got me to wondering how a liver transplant from a live donor would work, since they're not like kidneys, where we have one to spare.

I never realized the liver could be bisected, the smaller, left half donated and that both the donor and recipient portions of the liver will regenerate to form a whole liver. Fascinating stuff.
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Very cool  
Jay on the Island : 1/31/2019 11:06 am : link
He was one of the few bright spots on defense and I look forward to watching him develop. Hopefully Sam Beal develops into a solid starting CB because Haley may very well be the long term answer as the nickelback.
That's a nice story  
Rico : 1/31/2019 11:16 am : link
But if she can work full time and walk 25,000 steps per day, she would not be a candidate at this time for a liver transplant.
I know a guy pretty well who had some interaction with Haley  
ij_reilly : 1/31/2019 11:41 am : link
He says he's a genuine guy, really nice.

Great story  
Jints in Carolina : 1/31/2019 12:05 pm : link
thanks for posting
RE: I know a guy pretty well who had some interaction with Haley  
Jay in Toronto : 1/31/2019 1:27 pm : link
In comment 14282049 ij_reilly said:
He says he's a genuine guy, really nice.

Understand why he and Sequon were roommates.

Having worked in academic counseling, it's always refreshing to deal with such college level elite athletes -- humble, well-spoken and truly grateful for their talent and opportunities.

Thanks for posting  
JCin332 : 1/31/2019 1:31 pm : link
his Mom seems like a great woman...hope she finds a donor...
But remember OBJ is a cancer have to love this comment by Haley  
The 12th Man : 1/31/2019 2:26 pm : link
Haley credits those practice battles with Beckham Jr. during the season's first six weeks with making him a much better player.

ďI think it was a great experience," Haley said. "I think heís someone who cares tremendously about his teammates. Not only is he getting himself better in practice, but heís helping me, and helping any other cornerback with what he thinks they can do better. I think thatís one thing that really caught me off guard, and showed me how much he cares about his play and other players.

"You donít want to hurt a guy like Odell in practice, either, so that gives you a chance to work on your technique. You donít want to pull on him, or grab him, because you donít want to draw a flag. Itís little things like that. Being able to go against Odell and Shepard, the different moves that they have, betting able to mirror them, and learning to play with my feet and play with my eyes and not my hands.Ē
His teammates often  
Jay in Toronto : 2/2/2019 2:35 pm : link
come out with unsolicited comments about his devotion to the team.

That's why I tend to ignore the haters.
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