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NFT: And For Today's Cringiest Interview

Anakim : 2/1/2019 2:32 pm
Kim Jones attempts to talk to Mike Francesa about her recent health problem...and it pretty much went the way you'd expect.
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he had someone on recently  
Rocky369 : 2/1/2019 2:34 pm : link
maybe last night, forget who. But definitely an old timer of some sort. And the one thing I noticed, he actually let the guy talk and finish his thoughts.
We had a thread on this - it was awful  
jcn56 : 2/1/2019 2:54 pm : link
that jackass couldn't keep his big trap shut long enough for her to finish a sentence, and tried to compare his lifelong issue with blood pressure to her aortic dissection that's fatal most of the time.

I never liked the guy, but now I can't stand him.
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