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Barkley Named Fed Ex Ground Player of the Year

gidiefor : Mod : 2/2/2019 1:51 pm
that's 2
Link - ( New Window )
FatMan in Charlotte : 2/2/2019 2:00 pm : link
Fake awards!!!
He Beats Gurley and Elliot  
gidiefor : Mod : 2/2/2019 2:02 pm : link
for Fed Ex honors
Its the UPS award  
Jimmy Googs : 2/2/2019 2:20 pm : link
that counts...
Britt in VA : 2/2/2019 2:21 pm : link
more bullshit accomplishments. I'm really starting to second guess this pick....
Mahomes won the Fed Ex Air award.  
Britt in VA : 2/2/2019 2:25 pm : link
What a shitty pick  
Canton : 2/2/2019 2:32 pm : link
He can only win shitty awards. Trade him to the Eagles for Wentz.

Saquon is so, so good.  
Keaton028 : 2/2/2019 2:39 pm : link
I loved the pick when it was made, thought heíd have a nice season. He exceeded my expectations. He has shot to the best at his position so quickly, and seems like a genuine person to boot.
Toth029 : 2/2/2019 2:53 pm : link
PFF said Nick Chubb was better.
MOOPS : 2/2/2019 2:59 pm : link

"Ground? I don't touch no ground."
This sucks.  
Mr. Bungle : 2/2/2019 2:59 pm : link
You don't build a team with outstanding rookies.
RE: This sucks.  
eric2425ny : 2/2/2019 3:49 pm : link
In comment 14284532 Mr. Bungle said:
You don't build a team with outstanding rookies.

Lol. Itís times like this I wish we would have drafted a mediocre QB with the 2nd overall selection.
Another bullshit award...  
EricJ : 2/2/2019 3:59 pm : link
someone wake me when ESPN gives him an award. Maybe put him on the cover next to Bruce Jenner.
Another participation  
crick n NC : 2/2/2019 4:46 pm : link
Trophy for Saquon...nothing to see here
This act was stupid with Beckham  
Go Terps : 2/2/2019 5:06 pm : link
We're going to do it with Barkley now, too? Cool.
Get the man some more blockers.......  
Simms11 : 2/2/2019 5:31 pm : link
He could be an all-time great, provided he stays healthy.
Letís gooooo!!!!!  
Beezer : 2/2/2019 5:44 pm : link
He won AP offensive rookie of the year  
Sneakers O'toole : 2/2/2019 6:30 pm : link
Giants app notified me, don't have the link
Sneakers O'toole : 2/2/2019 6:33 pm : link
There was a sticky thread,dont know how I missed that
Strange thread....  
ZogZerg : 2/2/2019 8:47 pm : link
Congrats SB!
So that's 3 rookie specific offensive awards  
BlueLou'sBack : 2/2/2019 8:54 pm : link
One league wide award for the running game, a Pro. Bowl berth but just missed being named 1st team All Pro... Something to shoot for!
Not being named All pro  
BSIMatt : 2/2/2019 9:52 pm : link
Was a joke, especially considering the state of the giants offensive line.
Who won  
XBRONX : 2/3/2019 9:18 am : link
the DHL award?
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