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NFT: Is Sublime with Rome any good?

Dave in PA : 2/4/2019 4:40 pm
Iím thinking about seeing them this summer. Anybody actually seen them live and recommend it?
Eli owns all : 2/4/2019 4:50 pm : link
No Bradley Nowell but Iíve seen them twice. Solid show
Yeah they were good  
ChaChing : 2/4/2019 5:11 pm : link
I saw the first show out here in LA @ the Palladium

They didn't play more than 1-2 new songs w/ Rome, not sure how that is going (tho IMO any version of post Sublime is decent but at least lacking in lyrics in comp)

But the Sublime originals were well performed. As big as Brad was to the group, the other two are still a solid rhythm section. Sick bass from the start. Fun show
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