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NFT: YouTube non-fans

Daniel in Kentucky : 2/11/2019 3:21 pm
There is a website comparable called Dailymotion.
You can actually get research topics not buried pages deep by google in YouTube.

For instance if you look up Mariah Carrey on TRL on YouTube referenced by Dave Chappelle
Good luck.

Dailymotion Is not an issue.

Just one example to escape the google filter.
BigBlueDownTheShore : 2/11/2019 3:24 pm : link
What he is saying  
kes722 : 2/11/2019 3:45 pm : link
Is Google suppresses videos.

Daily motion does not.

If you can't find something on Google try dailymotion.

Just pointing out that  
Daniel in Kentucky : 2/11/2019 4:04 pm : link
Watched Chapelle interview
He mentioned Mariah Carrey stripping on TRL

When I searched it; it was a cloud of everything except the clip
That is all.

Dailymotion - 10 seconds

In the future if youíre looking for something - it might be a more efficient alternative to use a different search source.

Make of it what you will.
When I did a google search for "mariah carey trl"  
Giantology : 2/11/2019 4:21 pm : link
The first result was for a YouTube Video called "mariah carey trl breakdown" and the first comment is:

"Dave Chappelle sent me here hahaha"

I'm thinking in this case, Google isn't suppressing anything- more of a PEBKAC error
Googleís not suppressing it  
Jim in Fairfax : 2/11/2019 4:24 pm : link
Do a google search and the search results include a link to the Dailymotion video.

Itís likely not on Youtube because itís copyrighted material.
Did you see her strip?  
Daniel in Kentucky : 2/11/2019 4:26 pm : link

It was weird
Nothing erotic - just weird
Next day announced she had bipolar disorder

I volunteered when I was much younger
It looked nothing like what I ever saw

But of course
Here comes Doomster and everybody else to find the instance Iím wrong

Initial point still stands

Daniel in Kentucky : 2/11/2019 4:27 pm : link
Volunteered with bipolar individuals
Well Daniel....  
I Love Clams Casino : 2/11/2019 4:29 pm : link
I find that extremely useful...Thanks bud!
What is going on here  
Jalapeno : 2/11/2019 4:35 pm : link
BigBlueDownTheShore : 2/11/2019 6:51 pm : link
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