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Any reports on how the meeting went with Kyler Murray?

LawrenceTaylor56 : 3/14/2019 2:38 pm
I know last night The Giants has a meeting with Kyler after being there for his Pro Day. Havenít seen or heard anything yet about how it went. Apologies if I may have missed it.
BleedBlue : 3/14/2019 2:54 pm : link
i didnt see anything, but imagine you wont hear details. prob just something generic like went well, giants doing their hw, giants interested, etc.
He has  
Beer Man : 3/14/2019 2:54 pm : link
good table manners
You won't hear anything worth believing  
Captplanet : 3/14/2019 2:55 pm : link
from the meeting. The only people at the meeting are the Giants and Murray's team. All the news we hear about that meeting will be designed to push a narrative.
He used a booster seat to  
giants#1 : 3/14/2019 2:58 pm : link
eat his meal. Couldn't reach the ketchup for his hot dog either.
RE: He used a booster seat to  
Jim Bur(n)t : 3/14/2019 3:00 pm : link
In comment 14336992 giants#1 said:
eat his meal. Couldn't reach the ketchup for his hot dog either.

Damn!! Beat me to it!! Ok, my 2nd choice... He ordered from the Kids menu.
Motley Two : 3/14/2019 3:07 pm : link
they tossed him like a dwarf  
Jints in Carolina : 3/14/2019 3:15 pm : link
I believe they all visited the Lollipop Guild  
PatersonPlank : 3/14/2019 3:17 pm : link
Is it just me, or  
Since1965 : 3/14/2019 3:26 pm : link
does he appear to not be the brightest bulb? I just don't see how he could handle the horde of media coverage here.
Rumor has it  
GiantEgo : 3/14/2019 3:33 pm : link
He was short with them.
VinegarPeppers : 3/14/2019 3:34 pm : link
nice to meet you  
bc4life : 3/14/2019 3:36 pm : link
"What's your opinion on Cody Ford?"
Heard that Mara/Tisch treated him  
Diver_Down : 3/14/2019 3:36 pm : link
to hamberders to keep his weight up seeing that he lost 2 lbs.
When asked if he minded wasting a season sitting behind Eli  
Default : 3/14/2019 3:43 pm : link
he told both Mara and Shurmur to "go fuck themselves."
Reports it went a 1/2 hour longer  
Biteymax22 : 3/14/2019 3:49 pm : link
than expected. But other than that, nothing on the content.
I herd from a source  
EJJ : 3/14/2019 4:04 pm : link
He was a little late. As the meeting progressed his goals came across as short sighted and perhaps even small minded.

Gettleman commented that "it's the attention to the little things you know small details that make a QB worth draftng #1!"
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