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Some nice 2018 Jabril Peppers highlights

GFAN52 : 3/14/2019 9:29 pm
His kick and punt return skills will also be useful.
Link - ( New Window )
I like that  
TommyWiseau : 3/14/2019 9:37 pm : link
he wraps up well. Kid has some talent that's for sure
Nice find  
nygfaninorlando : 3/14/2019 9:38 pm : link
You can see the kid has talent both in run support and against the pass. Looking forward to seeing how Bettcher puts him to use.
Bettcher has gotta be excited,  
j_rud : 3/14/2019 9:43 pm : link
he was making plays in the box, in the slot, and even a few lined up deep.

Side note: there's Bobby Hart, screwing the pooch (:30 and 3:10 marks) on his way to an 8 figure contract
nice -  
Del Shofner : 3/14/2019 9:48 pm : link
he's both fast and quick, and he tackles well.
Johnny5 : 3/14/2019 9:59 pm : link
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