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NFT: Gene Gotti suspect in mob hit

ajr2456 : 3/14/2019 11:10 pm
The Gottis are back in town — and the bloodshed could just be beginning.

Police are taking a serious look at whether Gambino crime family boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali was whacked in an internal war for control — with one of John Gotti’s brothers and a key associate fresh out of prison and possibly looking to seize power, law enforcement sources told The Post on Thursday.

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ChaChing : 3/14/2019 11:23 pm : link
When Gotti got out in late 2018, they were already conjecturing about him trying to take back power. That after Frank Cali had been running a much more old school, low key operation

They said it was the first high profile gangland style hit since Castellano in 1985
These things gotta happen every five years or so.  
mfsd : 3/14/2019 11:25 pm : link
Ten years. Helps get rid of the bad blood. It’s been ten years since the last one.
Side note, the youtube clicking as related brought me to this  
ChaChing : 3/14/2019 11:28 pm : link
Apparently Cologero in a Bronx Tale & Matt Bevilaqua from Sopranos (among many other roles) went to jail being a junky who got caught up in a murder wrap (he didn't do it, but was there and went away)

Really poignant as Chaz Palminteri is lamenting how he wrote lines in his movie that directly applied to Lillo (wasted talent among other lessons from that movie)

I had no idea

20/20 Lillo Brancato - ( New Window )
holmancomedown : 3/15/2019 8:12 am : link
about the Gotti angle. Didn't think he had much power to go against the zips! I'm thinking a hit over not sharing in drug profits with the Men of Honor back in Sicily !
They're fighting over control  
Sneakers O'toole : 3/15/2019 8:20 am : link
of the lucrative exclamation point market on the East Coast.
oh no not Frankie Boy  
gtt350 : 3/15/2019 8:49 am : link
What's their business now?  
Joey from GlenCove : 3/15/2019 8:54 am : link
Gambling legal so probably not as much there
Drugs legal to a degree
people are also using less cash
Sneakers O'toole : 3/15/2019 9:32 am : link
is a biggie
Sneakers O'toole : 3/15/2019 9:33 am : link
and similar prescription drugs too
BIG FRED 1973 : 3/15/2019 9:58 am : link
neighborhood has completely changed since John died in 2002 .Alot of these younger kids now are involved with drugs its really bad .Kids are overdosing and dying a lot lately it seems .
RE: These things gotta happen every five years or so.  
short lease : 3/16/2019 1:34 am : link
In comment 14338697 mfsd said:
Ten years. Helps get rid of the bad blood. It’s been ten years since the last one.

Leave the gun .... take the cannolis
bc4life : 3/16/2019 9:59 am : link
not an expert but stil drugs, loan sharking, gambling, cyber crime, environmental crime, construction scams, infiltrating legitimate businesses thru union activity, stock market
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