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Today, tomorrow and the draft

George from PA : 3/15/2019 12:07 am
I am glad the Giants signed some guys, if not for nothing else then I was getting sick of the BS from the msm....DG has no plan. No FA want to go to the Giants, Cleveland is smart. The Jets are smart....Giants are dumb. Shut up!

1st the trade....i will hold judgement until after the draft but we all know in our hearts OBJ was not lasting the length of that contract with the Giant. Who didnt see a comparison with the Pittsburgh/Antonio Brown ordeal?

I really like the 2 players we got from Cleveland. Love the nasty bookend guards now and a quick, cheaper "Collins". This could actually be the BEST special teams the Giants have ever fielded!

I am not overly thrilled by the Golden Tate signing, seemed a little desperate. But i do like that the Eagle gave a 3rd rd pick for him this year and he will be playing for us.

I will not be happy with FA unless we secure a decent, experienced RT. DG must sign Mike Remmers(I just read he coming tomorrow?)or who ever. I want the OL fixed. I actually told the Giants office that I refuse to pay my season ticket until the OL is resolved. They responded by saying they plan do it.

This draft could be the most important in franchise history.

Looks like they wont be desperate to draft for need, didnt look that way yesterday. So kudos to DG.

Heard that the Bengals are all in on Haskin! Local Ohio hero. This could lead to an opportunity. Swap picks, plus AJ Green and a 2020 1st (Gives us the ammo to finally go and get Eli`s successer).that is how my drean draft would start.

Besides getting the ammo needed for a 2020 QB, I expect a full toybox for Bettcher, late round developmental OLmen(a DG speciality) and pray we get lucky and hit on some later rounds.

Go Giants

You must be special  
Rick Morehouse : 3/15/2019 12:13 am : link
If I told the Giants I'm not paying my invoice, they would take my three PSLs and tell me to go fuck myself.

Well, its not due until May  
George from PA : 3/15/2019 12:15 am : link
Doomster : 3/15/2019 5:34 am : link
Mara call you Personally?

Hmmmm.....I thought your name was George...
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