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Curtis Riley visiting the Packers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 3/18/2019 5:33 pm
Field Yates
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S Curtis Riley, who started every game for the Giants last season, visited the Packers today, per source. He snagged 4 interceptions last season.
Jay on the Island : 3/18/2019 5:38 pm : link
keep him as far away from this team as possible. He is up there with CC Brown as the worst starting safety in my lifetime.
Hes Only Qualified  
Trainmaster : 3/18/2019 5:55 pm : link
For these packers:

After that horrible effort at the end of the season  
ArlingtonMike : 3/18/2019 6:00 pm : link
He should pay a team to take him. Awful player.
CC Brown  
Samiam : 3/18/2019 6:04 pm : link
He was not a starter. He only started after Kenny Phillips got hurt
Giants prb  
Jim Bur(n)t : 3/18/2019 6:13 pm : link
bought his 1 way ticket
Get him  
Sy'56 : 3/18/2019 6:16 pm : link
as far away from this team as possible
Thanks for the laugh Eric  
5BowlsSoon : 3/18/2019 6:18 pm : link
This gets a STICKY........
We have had  
Joey in VA : 3/18/2019 6:19 pm : link
Some of the worst safeties, and he may actually take the cake.
I'd like to nominate  
Thunderstruck27 : 3/18/2019 6:24 pm : link
Will Demps as worst starting safety.
I'll kick in $250 if Riley goes away. Anyone have his agents digits?  
Torrag : 3/18/2019 6:34 pm : link
He's the worst safety i've ever seen make an NFL roster. Seriously I'm not joking.
Ooooh, 4 INTs  
Anakim : 3/18/2019 6:46 pm : link
I think Burnt Alexander had like 4 one year for us, too
It's funny how stats  
Kyle in NY : 3/18/2019 6:51 pm : link
can be misleading. 16 starts, 75 tackles, 4 INT, and a TD at FS, you might actually be tricked into thinking he had a solid season...
Train master  
TommytheElephant : 3/18/2019 6:56 pm : link
That is an insult to meat packers everywhere
RE: Get him  
DavidinBMNY : 3/18/2019 7:00 pm : link
In comment 14346071 Sy'56 said:
as far away from this team as possible
Please sign him. Pretty please.
RE: It's funny how stats  
Toth029 : 3/18/2019 7:01 pm : link
In comment 14346146 Kyle in NY said:
can be misleading. 16 starts, 75 tackles, 4 INT, and a TD at FS, you might actually be tricked into thinking he had a solid season...

People here cite Andrew Adams stats a lot too, as if he was good. Now, Adams isn't good, whereas Riley is really bad. Both are better off as depth or Specials.
I watched him closely in several games and ...  
Spider56 : 3/18/2019 7:29 pm : link
He seemed always be about 30 yards from the ball, both before and after the snap. Hopefully he signs in the NFC.
One of the worst professional football players I've seen  
SLIM_ : 3/18/2019 8:25 pm : link
even on specials.
Remember CC Brown?  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 3/18/2019 8:26 pm : link
Bad times, bad times.
Someone should send him to the eye doctor  
Matt in SGS : 3/18/2019 8:58 pm : link
because I have never seen a safety in the NFL take as many bad angles as Riley did last year. It was comical how bad he was. Zero depth perception.
XBRONX : 3/18/2019 9:04 pm : link
missed tackles of any safety. Guess you can see he was around the offensive players at least.
Oh thank goodness.  
prdave73 : 3/18/2019 10:53 pm : link
One bright spot. Lets hope Pack sign him.
Him starting was actually  
Aaroninma : 3/18/2019 10:59 pm : link
the first thing that really scared me about DG and this regime. They basically handed him the job and no one even knew who he was.

Then I saw him play and I was bullshit. He honestly shouldnt be in the league
I will be shocked if any team  
KWALL2 : 3/18/2019 11:15 pm : link
offer this guy a contract.
I've seen some JAGs and bad players  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 3/19/2019 11:22 am : link
But Riley is the first NFL player that looked unprofessional, like someone we found off the street or JV.
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