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Draft and resigned players

stretch234 : 3/19/2019 10:00 am
Since I had time before travel I went back and looked at recent 5 drafts, with 1st one of current FA - 2nd-3rd round and players who were resigned, moved on, out of league or different teams before 4 years.

There has been a lot of discussion about the draft and keeping players, but the years i looked at 2011-2105 do not really bear that out

2011: 2nd RD 3rd RD

Resign 6-32 3-33
Sign new team 12-32 11-33
multiple teams in 4yrs 7-32 6-33
Out of NFL in 4 years 7-32 13-33

2012: 2nd RD 3rd RD

Resign 7-31 4-32
Sign new team 13-31 10-32
multiple teams in 4yrs 5-31 9-32
Out of NFL in 4 years 6-31 9-32

2013: 2nd RD 3rd RD

Resign 6-30 9-35
Sign new team 10-30 7-35
multiple teams in 4yrs 12-30 14-35
Out of NFL in 4 years 2-30 5-35

2014: 2nd RD 3rd RD

Resign 7-32 5-35
Sign new team 10-32 9-35
multiple teams in 4yrs 9-32 8-35
Out of NFL in 4 years 6-32 13-35

2015: 2nd RD 3rd RD

Resign 5-32 4-35
Sign new team 6-32 3-35
multiple teams in 4yrs 8-32 11-35
Out of NFL in 4 years 7-32 9-35
Unsigned as of now 6-32 8-35

This says that in this 4 year period teams re-sign their 2nd & 3rd picks 17%. More than half the time, players from these 2 rounds do not get 2nd contracts to play in the league

It seems you best have the QB and hit on your 1st rd picks because vast majority of players after 1st are not getting re-signed
I think t here is more to this than skill  
ArcadeSlumlord : 3/19/2019 10:17 am : link
I think some players are resigned BECAUSE of their draft position and hang on because GM's wanna look good or are in denial. There is definitely a bit of that going on here that these stats do not relay.
free agency changes everything, players want to be paid  
gtt350 : 3/19/2019 10:29 am : link
there is little if no loyalty. We are cheering for a uniform nowadays.
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