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RT vs LT and versatility

Ivan15 : 4/15/2019 12:08 pm
Really tired of reading how you can draft a guard or tackle and move him in a couple of years.

Thatís okay for career backups but if you want a starting RT, draft someone who has mostly played RT (1st round). If you want a LT to replace Solder in a couple of years, draft a LT (develop 2nd or 3 rounder). If you want a RG to replace Zeitler in a couple of years, draft a RG. Donít screw around.

We donít need another Pugh who the Giants never tried out at the position he played in college.

And we definitely donít need another Flowers whoís skills didnít qualify him for the LT position, or even the RT position.
Flowers was a LT in college  
Mike from Ohio : 4/15/2019 12:16 pm : link
and the Giants played him consistently at Left Tackle until he proved he couldn't cut it. The move to RT was to try and salvage his career. How does that fit with the rest of your premise about drafting guys to move them around?
Mike Ohio: the Giants were going to start Flowers at RT until  
Ivan15 : 4/15/2019 12:30 pm : link
The LT got hurt. Flowers really needed development but didnít get the opportunity because he was drafted too high and thrown in too early.

I agree he is a bit off topic but the premise is still sound. They wanted him to START at RT and develop into a LT. When they threw him in at LT, he didnít develop.

I actually hope he can find a home at Guard.
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