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Thursday Media Transcript: Tight End Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/18/2019 2:37 pm
Tight End Evan Engram -- April 18, 2019

Q: How would you look back and judge the course of your career?
A: ďDefinitely a lot of growth. Definitely a lot of learning. Had a pretty solid rookie year. Iím definitely kind of coming into this year getting into that routine, and kind of finding my footing in this league. Last year, I had some adversity and a lot of learning. It was definitely a well-needed learning experience. I felt a lot of growth. I felt a lot of maturity with mental, and off the field, and also on the field. Iím definitely excited with learning all of that going into year three.Ē

Q: What do you expect from (QB) Eli (Manning), and how much confidence do you still have in him?
A: ďI have the utmost confidence in Eli. Heís our leader, heís our vet, and heís a two-time champ. Whenever you bring that to the table, no matter what year youíre in, thatís definitely a big asset to the team. Heís always getting us right. Weíre going into year two in this offense with a little more comfortability, and able to find some more details and find some more ripples in our offense to make us even better. So, Iím really excited to get back to work with him, and go into this year with him, as well.Ē

Q: What was your initial reaction to the (Browns WR) Odell Beckham Jr. trade?
A: ďI get asked that a lot. Iím not a fan of the game, Iím on the team, so I canít really be shocked or surprised. This league is a crazy business. At the end of the day, IĎm still a New York Giant. I was in the middle of my training, and I know it was big news and everyone was talking about it, but I was focused on bettering myself and bettering my team, and going forward with the guys we have.Ē

Q: When you guys re-signed (WR) Sterling Shepard last week, what message did that send to the locker room?
A: ďI think the big thing that Shep brings to this team is a dog mentality, and that mentality that we hate to lose. Thatís Shep on and off the field. Seeing him get that contract and re-signing with us and him finding that security, I was very happy for him. That sends a message to our locker room that we need more guys like that. We need more guys with that mentality, that work ethic, and the ability to do whatever we need and whatever we can on the football field to win, and thatís Sterling Shepard.Ē

Q: As a young guy yourself, was it important to see that happen after letting (Redskins S) Landon Collins go and trading Odell?
A: ďI didnít really think deep into it. Like I said, we need guys in our locker room like Shep, and like I said, I was just happy for him to get that deal, and for him to have that security for him and his family.Ē

Q: Without Beckham, do you think you have enough weapons offensively?
A: ďDefinitely -- I think Odell is a one-of-a-kind talent. I think heís the best receiver in the league, hands down, but we got guys ready to step up. We got guys ready that are here now that are going to come in here and make this team better. Like you said, the message to the locker room is for guys to prepare and get ready for the big opportunities that are going to come with him gone.Ē

Q: Other than being more comfortable in the offense, where did you personally take the biggest leap in your game?
A: ďJust like I said with the learning experiences. Just kind of slowing my game down, playing more under control, getting more confidence in myself and finding that groove and finding that formula that can help me be successful. Just kind of that end of that year, and me staying healthy, and me kind of turning on, and me kind of getting opportunities within the offense. It was definitely a big learning curve for me, positively. Iím just excited to get back and work with my teammates. I had a great offseason training, and getting ready to bring everything Iíve learned into this next year.Ē

Q: How curious are you about the draft with the team having two first-round picks?
A: ďOur front office and coaches, they know what theyíre doing. The rookie class that came in here last year was definitely really mature. Were kind of natural leaders, and they stepped up to the plate. I know those guys are doing their jobs up there, and their scouting, and hanging out with these guys. Whoever we bring to the team, whoever we bring in the draft, are going to be the guys that belong here, and deserve to be here, and are going to help us win more games.Ē

Q: One of your issues last year was being hurt. Is there anything you can do in the offseason to prevent injuries?
A: ďWith that, itís a year-round thing -- offseason, in season, and Iím definitely going to take a bigger approach with just trying to do as much as I can with taking care of my body, and staying more healthier. Thatís eating better, sleeping better, thatís being more active in the training room. I donít even have to be hurt, but just staying on top of things. We do have a hard workload and we run around a lot. We do get nicks and banged up a little bit. Itís that maturity that I talked about, and itís that responsibility and the discipline that Iíve learned, and Iíve definitely learned to take hold of that, and going to be really important with that this year.Ē
ever notice....  
jnoble : 4/18/2019 3:01 pm : link often Engram says "definatly"? He like Rolle with "At the end of the day..."
okayrene : 4/18/2019 3:04 pm : link
I'll definitely never be able to unnotice it now.
RE: Dammit  
jnoble : 4/18/2019 3:10 pm : link
In comment 14392358 okayrene said:
I'll definitely never be able to unnotice it now.


Very similiar to how many times Eli uses "you know" during his interviews. I picked up on it during one of his Monday afternoon call ins to Francessa and lost count after 20 of how many times he said "you know"
Joba Chamberlain Once Said...  
Jim in Tampa : 4/18/2019 4:38 pm : link
"At the end of the day the sun will still come up."

So at least Engram knows the difference between day and night.
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