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Friday Media Transcript: DL Dexter Lawrence

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/3/2019 2:29 pm
DL Dexter Lawrence II -- May 3, 2019

Q: On being underestimated getting to the QB
A: Definitely underrated. Itís kind of on me to prove myself, right, because I know who I am and to prove others wrong. Iíve always been able to collapse the pocket, now Iím focused on escaping blocks or finishing the plays and things like that.

Q: Do people know the difference between what youíve been asked to do and what you could do?
A: Great question. I donít know how to answer that. Kind of just within. Iím asked to go make plays, so thatís what I do. I always like a challenge, so I never shy away from a challenge.

Q: Who are you as a player
A: Smart. Physical. Instinctive defensive lineman. Tough, none quitting dude. Just ready to work, work every day and be great.

Q: On his best position
A: Here, I think I can play all three positions. From the shade or the three technique.

Q: On the scheme being a great fit for his talents
A: Like I said, I feel I can play anywhere. I feel comfortable today out there. I felt pretty comfortable playing all three positions. I kind of did that in college as well. Weíd learn multiple, so Iím kind of fluid with it and comfortable with it.

Q: On playing against Daniel Jones
A: Thatís my guy. Going to the game, watching film, obviously he is very talented. So that gave me a little more motivation to kind of go get him. He a great player, I think he deserved to go sixth, so thatís what happened.

Q: On replacing Damon Harrison and possibly watching him
A: I didnít quite watch him a lot. I never really got a chance to watch him.

Q: On his eagerness to get on the field
A: Really eager. This is the longest I havenít played football in years, since December. Today felt great. Being the first time back on the field since early December. Just moving around, putting my hands on some people. It was good. I missed it a lot.

Q: On the Giants great defensive linemen of the past
A: Definitely. I grew up a fan. Kind of coming here, gave me a little more motivation because the standard is here. So, you got to try to beat that standard or be better than that standard. That is one of my goals as Iím here; break the standard. All these great defensive linemen that came through here and did their thing. My thing is it always starts upfront. Letís make the back seven and all their jobs easy.

Q: On how he feels about being picked with the choice obtained in the Odell Beckham trade
A: Going through the process, I had a feeling I would probably go to four teams, that were really good on me. When they got another first round pick, I said okay thatís a little more promising because all the talk, talking about picking a quarterback and stuff like that. So when they made that trade, I smiled a little bit more and I just so happened to be that pick.

Q: On the setting his sights to be a Giant
A: Definitely, like I said, I grew up a fan. Always wanted to play here just because of history. The history is great. Just to come out here and bring that tradition back.

Q: On being forever linked to that trade
A: I donít feel pressure. When they called my name, that wasnít on my mind. Today, thatís not on my mind. Iím a football player, Iím a defensive tackle, heís a receiver. I got to go out here and make plays and do what I can.

Q: Did you expect that you might end up a Giant
A: Yeah, it was between about four teams. This is one of the teams I thought I would get drafted by. My agent was talking, heís a little conservative, so he was talking a little down towards the end of the (first round of the) draft. But I knew who I was, I knew what kind of player I was. Iím in the best spot.

Q: On other Clemson linemen in the pros and the things he wants to work on
A: Definitely. Probably my last year DaíQuan Bowers, he was a good mentor, talking to us. Grady Jarrett; just talking to those guys, they just told me just to work every day and to prove yourself every day. Just to do the little things right, take care of your body, watch a little more film. Just the little things that will equal up to the big things at the end of the day.

Q: On his last name
A: Iím always Lawrence the second. Right now they have me as Lawrence, but I got that fixed quick.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/3/2019 2:32 pm : link

Art Stapleton
‚ÄŹVerified account @art_stapleton
2m2 minutes ago

Only two Giants players that I have covered as massive as Dexter Lawrence: Shaun Rogers and Shawn Andrews.

I joked with @llawrence2139 that he looked like he was going to lift the podium up and swing it around.

"Like Hulk?" he said.

Yeah, exactly like Hulk.
Sounds like a great teammate  
flycatcher : 5/3/2019 2:39 pm : link
Excellent answer to the Jones question "I think he deserved to go sixth". Classy.
I think...  
3rdnlong : 5/3/2019 2:46 pm : link
Giant fans are going to love Lawrence. He's a competitor and he learned from Dabo on how to give an interview.
I think we are going to love this guy  
Chris684 : 5/3/2019 2:49 pm : link
Lines of Scrimmage : 5/3/2019 2:50 pm : link
to back up your QB. Great that he knows the history and seems really motivated to put his name in it.
Great answer about the standard for a D-lineman with the Giants  
allstarjim : 5/3/2019 2:51 pm : link
Didn't say he wanted to meet the standard, said he wanted to be "better than the standard," and to "break the standard."

That's not something everyone would say.
I'm pumped for this pick  
adamg : 5/3/2019 3:26 pm : link
Filled a big need. Looks like he can be a force. And seems like an awesome dude.
Gotta say I was pissed about passing on Allen  
Rjanyg : 5/3/2019 3:26 pm : link
But with Lawrence, Baker and Ximines we got 3 young, talented and confident young defenders.

Very excited for these 3. Also, Love was a great pick.
I like the "Who?" answer to the Snacks question  
adamg : 5/3/2019 3:30 pm : link
They're trying to stir shit bringing Snacks up.
True Giant  
idiotsavant : 5/3/2019 4:01 pm : link
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