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Friday Media Transcript: OLB Oshane Ximines

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/3/2019 5:53 pm
OLB Oshane Ximines -- May 3, 2019

Q: The Giants ranked 30th in the league last season in sacks. Do you feel any added pressure to step in right away and make an impact getting after the quarterback?
A: No, not really, I donít feel any type of pressure. Iím just trying to show the team that I can learn the playbook and be an asset on special teams, and just contribute to this team in any way they need me.

Q: What do you think you can bring to the defense once you step on the field?
A: Just somebody thatís going to do their assignment, first and foremost, and someone whoís going to get after it every single play.

Q: What is it like for you to go sack the quarterback?
A: Itís my favorite thing to do. Iíve been a pass rusher ever since I started playing football, and it means everything to me.

Q: Any quarterback in particular youíre looking forward to playing against?
A: No, no one in particular, but if I did have to pick one, Iíd say (Panthers QB) Taylor Heinicke. We played together at Old Dominion, and it would be pretty good to meet up with him again.

Q: Have you thought about the transition from a smaller program to the NFL? What do you want to accomplish initially making that leap?
A: It is a pretty big jump coming from Old Dominion to a bigger stage. We never had none of this, but itís something to get used to. Youíve got to take everything one day at a time, just like I do everything else in life, and I just plan to do that.

Q: Looking at the playbook, was there something that stood out that made you believe this will be a great fit for your talents?
A: I feel like the coaches evaluated me and my film, and they feel like I can fit into their scheme, and I feel the same way about it. Looking through the playbook, I feel like Iím a good fit for their scheme.

Q: Have they talked about any changes in reference to your speed?
A: Not really, I feel like being around my playing weight I played at last season, at 255 (lbs), thatís going to be pretty good. Iím right around there right now. I feel like just leaning out and keep doing the right things, and putting the right things in my body is probably the plan going forward.

Q: You had lost weight, and then gained it back, right?
A: Yeah, I did.

Q: You were a lot lighter at the Senior Bowl?
A: Yeah, I weighed in a lot lighter at the Senior Bowl. Just getting adjusted to a new diet, and I had got a little stomach virus going into the week. I got all the good weight back on me, and Iím just excited to keep that going.

Q: One thing the Giants said when they drafted you was the fact you donít only have one move, but you have countermoves as well. How did you develop countermoves, and how much do you think that will help you at this level?
A: Just by being with my coach at Old Dominion, (Old Dominion Defensive Line Coach) Coach (Jeff) Comissiong. Thatís something he drilled into my head every single day, and every single day I went out there and worked my craft with him, and it eventually became something I got good at. I just plan on keep working my craft, and just try to perfect everything I can just to be an asset to the team.Ē

Q: The pick you were drafted with was one of the picks the Giants received in the (Browns WR) Odell Beckham Jr. trade. As a football fan, what was your reaction when they made that trade? Do you feel any added pressure being apart of that trade?
A: I remember when I saw the Odell trade happen. At the time, I didnít think it was going to be me, but it is. All I can be is myself. I canít be anybody else but myself, and thatís what I plan on keep doing.

Q: Do you like the nickname ďX-ManĒ? Or, is that just something the Giants gave you on draft day?
A: The nickname surfaced on draft day. Thatís the first time anybody has ever called me X-Man, but I love the nickname actually, and I hope to keep that going.

Q: When did they first use that nickname on you?
A: On the draft day phone call, thatís the first time I heard X-Man, and it kind of surfaced on the Internet. I got a few of my friends back home calling me that now, and I just feel like itís going to keep going in the right direction.

Q: On the Giants drafting him.
A: I was surprised. I didnít think they were going to pick me. I didnít have a visit here or anything like that. New York is somewhere I wanted to go because I had roots here. When I got the call, it said New Jersey on the caller ID. The Jets were on the clock, I think, so I thought it was the Jets. When I picked it up, it was New York.

Q: So you were happy it was the Giants and not the Jets
A: Yeah. I dropped my phone. I was just excited. Iím just happy to be here. Iím just ready to get out here and contribute.

Q: On having roots here.
A: Definitely. I was born in New York. I moved away when I was five years old. But my grandma moved out to Queens. Being around grandma was always good. Itís always that loving feel. So being around her and having that love is definitely going to help me out here. Iím excited to be back home.

Q: On going back to see his grandmother.
A: Yeah. Definitely; when I get some free time. Probably wonít be this weekend but if I get some free time around the summer, of course, Iíll go back and see her.
x-man works...  
Dan in the Springs : 5/3/2019 6:03 pm : link
so does OX for me.

Hoping he works out, but not overly optimistic right now. It's a big jump from ODU to the NFL.
I didn't like the pick  
adamg : 5/3/2019 6:04 pm : link
But I like the kid. Hope X-man does well.
I love his name and abilities, small school or not  
SGMen : 5/3/2019 7:08 pm : link
I pray he makes it and makes it in a big way.
Is there some sort of PR service that these guys all use  
KeoweeFan : 5/3/2019 7:11 pm : link
or did the Giants get a crop of very intelligent, media savvy draft picks? (smile)

I feel good about the first and second day picks and like the possibilities from late rounds and UDFA. Might be more than the normal "diamonds in the rough" in that latter group.
Once we made the QB selection  
Chris684 : 5/3/2019 7:34 pm : link
I was praying for Winovich or Ferguson in round 3.

Will be fun to see Ximines performance compared with those guys the next few years.
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