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Transcript: Defensive Backs Coach Everett Withers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/8/2019 3:42 pm
Defensive Backs Coach Everett Withers -- May 8, 2019

Q: Is it good to get back to the NFL level?
A: I always thought I would end up back at the NFL level. It is good to get back and around some elite players and athletes.

Q: Do you work more with the safeties or the corners?
A: Both. We try to intermingle with both groups. Overall teach it and split them up. Some days, Henry (Baker) may take the corners and Iíll take the safeties. Some days I may take the other. We try and split it up and not pigeon hole one guy.

Q: Reaction when you bring in all of these young corners?
A: It is exciting when you bring in all these young men. That is the biggest thing. Talented guys that can play. We are adding Sam Beal into the mix too. You take a guy like Janoris Jenkins, a guy that has been in the league for 10 years and look at him more as an assistant coach. He has taken that role so far this offseason and has done a really good job.

Q: What is it that Janoris is doing well?
A: I think when he is in the meetings, he has such a vast amount of experience in this league that he can help guys not only schematically but understanding the game, splits of receivers and those things. He has done a really good job in the meeting rooms and on the field so far.

Q: He has to want to do it though right?
A: Of course. He has been awesome. I am excited to see him in his role as we get through minicamp, OTAís and training camp.

Q: How excited are you to work with Jabril?
A: I am excited. He has a lot of ability and does a lot of things. Our role right now is to try and help Jabril schematically. Help him grow into what we do and add things into his playbook. He is a guy that comes to work everyday with a lot of energy. He has been really fun to watch so far.

Q: What is your familiarity like with Bettcher?
A: We were together at the University of North Carolina for two years. We stayed in contact over time. He was in Arizona and I was at Ohio State.

Q: Is his scheme unique?
A: I think everyone has their own statements to whatever they do. I donít know if it is unique. I think the matchups are good and it is a fun defense to play in. I am excited to be a part of it.

Q: How does DeAndre Baker fit into it?
A: He is a really talented guy. When you watch his tape, he is a guy with a lot of competitive experience. To have another guy over there next to Janoris, he is talented enough to go over there and be a factor over there opposite Janoris.
Klaatu : 5/8/2019 3:48 pm : link
Q: Reaction when you bring in all of these young corners?
A: I get wood.
Our secondary  
TommyWiseau : 5/8/2019 4:00 pm : link
can be something special. When was the last time we had so much talent in our secondary? If Bethea can hold it down for the next year while Love gains some experience in the FS role, that would be ideal
Rong5611 : 5/8/2019 5:15 pm : link
Sounds like he has starting potential based on this.
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