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NFT: RIP Tim Conway

Mr. Bungle : 5/14/2019 12:42 pm
85 years old.

link - ( New Window )
Grew up watching Carol Burnett show  
MattyKid : 5/14/2019 12:46 pm : link
with him on it. Loved his comedy. RIP
RE: Grew up watching Carol Burnett show  
Dan in the Springs : 5/14/2019 12:49 pm : link
In comment 14443273 MattyKid said:
with him on it. Loved his comedy. RIP

Me too - what an expressive face, made for that slapstick comedy. Lots of good laughs.
I used to love when Conway, Harvey Korman, and Carol Burnett  
PatersonPlank : 5/14/2019 12:50 pm : link
would crack each other up during a skit. Lots of times they would have to pause the skit for a few seconds to get composed.
McHales Navy  
Chip : 5/14/2019 12:53 pm : link
Ensign Parker great show
Sad news.... genius is word too  
rnargi : 5/14/2019 12:54 pm : link
Easily thrown around these days... but it seems to apply to his comedy.
The Elephant Skit - ( New Window )
Nothing was better  
cjac : 5/14/2019 12:55 pm : link
than Mr. Tudball and Mrs A-who- Wiggins
RIP He was hilarious.  
Ryan in Albany : 5/14/2019 12:55 pm : link
Someone wrap Betty White in bubble wrap!
How has nobody yet mentioned Dorf on Golf?!  
FranknWeezer : 5/14/2019 1:00 pm : link
Steve in ATL : 5/14/2019 1:13 pm : link
with his wife and daughter fighting over his care. Sad ending. RIP.
Comes in 3'd (Lipton, Day., Conway)  
Bill L : 5/14/2019 1:31 pm : link
Hit our quota.

RIP to a very funny man.
RE: Comes in 3'd (Lipton, Day., Conway)  
Mr. Bungle : 5/14/2019 1:54 pm : link
In comment 14443348 Bill L said:
Hit our quota.

RIP to a very funny man.

It doesn't come in threes.
A great comedic actor  
Snifflenick : 5/14/2019 1:55 pm : link
RIP Ensign Parker.
An incredible talent--  
rebel yell : 5/14/2019 2:24 pm : link
his physical comedy was top-notch and some of his Carol Burnett skits like the one posted above are legendary.
R.I.P. to a fantastic comedic actor  
Jints in Carolina : 5/14/2019 2:34 pm : link
A truly great comedian  
Beer Man : 5/14/2019 2:39 pm : link
Was truly funny without having to rely on filth and shock. One of my favorites was when he went off script on the Carol Burnett show and started rambling about the Siamese Elephants.
RIP to a true comic genius.  
Klaatu : 5/14/2019 3:04 pm : link
He and Harvey Korman were an awesome team.
The Interrogator - ( New Window )
he was a very funny man  
gidiefor : Mod : 5/14/2019 3:20 pm : link
I had quite a few bout with hearty laughter from his material/performances
this is where I miss Montreal Man the most  
Jints in Carolina : 5/14/2019 3:22 pm : link
I bet he knew him.
The Dentist sketch  
PaulBlakeTSU : 5/14/2019 3:37 pm : link
was hilarious too - ( New Window )
AcidTest : 5/14/2019 3:37 pm : link
great comedian. Loved him on the Carol Burnett show. RIP. God bless. Prayers to his family and friends.
Oh no, such a funny, funny man.  
Section331 : 5/14/2019 3:48 pm : link
I would love it when Conway would ad-lib, and Harvey Korman would struggle to keep from breaking out in laughter. RIP to a very underappreciated comic actor.
RE: The Dentist sketch  
Steve L : 5/14/2019 4:25 pm : link
In comment 14443566 PaulBlakeTSU said:
was hilarious too - ( New Window )

Loved it when he used to make Harvey Korman  
short lease : 5/15/2019 8:07 pm : link
crack ... that was a great show when I was growing up.
The Saturday night line-up back then was probably the best night For TV?

IIRC, on the same night was the Bob Newhart show, Mary Tyler Moore show, and Carol Burnett.

There was another good show but, I can't remember it right now.

Being 11 at the time my Saturday nights were kind of tame - so it was a good night for good TV.

RIP Mr. Conway and Thank-you.
RE: Sad news.... genius is word too  
short lease : 5/16/2019 8:02 am : link
In comment 14443288 rnargi said:
Easily thrown around these days... but it seems to apply to his comedy. The Elephant Skit - ( New Window )

He had them all rolling Rob. Usually you might be able to get to 1 guy but, they all lost it.

I remember seeing that sketch much later then the original airing and at the end you can just about hear Vicki Lawrence say ..."Is that little fucker done?"

Just watched it till the end .... again  
short lease : 5/16/2019 8:09 am : link
she said asshole - not fucker. My bad.
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