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Highlight Reel of ALL 2019 Giants' Draft Picks

TC : 5/16/2019 6:27 pm
Just found this and am enjoying it very much. All the picks sequentially on one Youtube clip.

Mods, if redundant, please just delete.

Highlight Reel of 2019 Picks - ( New Window )
Thanks for the post.  
Marty in Albany : 5/17/2019 8:28 am : link
I don't think that Jones' arm is weak at all. It seems to me that when he sprints out that he can still throw an accurate and catchable ball.

If there are things wrong with Jones' game, arm strength is NOT one of them.
Added Bonus with Dexter Lawrence  
OntheRoad : 5/17/2019 10:50 am : link
If the goal line offense struggles, he might provide a Refigerator Perry moment.
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