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NFT: Knee Injury...?

GruningsOnTheHill : 5/19/2019 6:49 am
The sobering reality of arriving at my late 40s is confronting all these afflictions that "happen to someone else."

I'm not sure if it's due to lack of activity/exercise following gallbladder & hernia surgery recently or if it's owing to the aforementioned aging issue, but upon squatting down to lift a potted plant yesterday, I felt a fairly sharp twinge just above the right kneecap. No swelling, no bruise, and no pain when I walk, but I feel it every time I go to sit down or traverse the stairs.

For anyone who might be familiar with knee issues, does it sound like a temporary issue where I tweaked it, or perhaps something more serious?

If it just happened  
UConn4523 : 5/19/2019 7:10 am : link
I’d consider it a tweak. Go easy on it for a week and if it persists, get it looked at.
Our ligaments and tendons do morning age  
LauderdaleMatty : 5/19/2019 8:50 am : link
Well. Sadly even though I work out and train all the time I can tweet something walking to the car.

Sounds like you strained something. Question is how bad. If it’s only happening w certain movements it shouldn’t be long term.
See the Dr  
louinma : 5/19/2019 12:47 pm : link
Why fool arond, your getting older your past "walking it off". Just see a Dr.

I've been thru 3 knee surgeries and a replacement.

Sounds like a torn meniscus  
trueblueinpw : 5/19/2019 11:01 pm : link
Obviously see a doctor, who will prescribe an MRI. Everyone’s menisci deteriorate, often presenting symptoms like you describe. You’re about the right age for this to occur as a matter of routine activity.

If it is a meniscus, I would avoid surgery as long as possible. Physical therapy, etc, anything to avoid the knife. It may be inevitable but people rush into resection of meniscus way too quickly. You’ll pay for it down the line. Very common surgery but I think it’s over prescribed. The fact is, once you cut it will never be the same.
oldhemi : 5/19/2019 11:14 pm : link
Geezus man. You sound like you are going through ALMOST what I did back in 1994-95 when I was 43-44. Gall bladder, knee and then heart attack!
Bad shit comes in three's!
My knee kept swelling up and doc's would drain it once a week while I waited for the insurance company to finally relent. It was like 6-7 weeks. I had to get a 3rd opinion. I felt better immediately after the scope. Took about 3 months to get most of the muscle back!
Back of my knee started to bother me a couple of months ago from breaking the top of my tibia 1 1/2 year prior. Even the front started to hurt. I just had shoulder and arm surgery, complained to my ortho who had me shot up with some cortisone after the xray showed nothing. This was 3 weeks ago. The shot has helped a lot! No front knee pain but still some in the back.
I would see an ortho and get an xray and possibly a MRI. Scoping a knee is not bad pain wise compared to a shoulder.
Or you could wait and see if it truly was a tweak - I doubt it because you don't sound so lucky - LOL.
My bad knee came out of nowhere - woke up with it with no prior warning or pain! Good luck and stay away from heart attacks!
See an MD  
BobOnLI : 5/20/2019 7:27 am : link
Hopefully PT can be all you need. I hobbled around for 3 months once and with PT never needed surgery.
I tore a meniscus at age 21  
WideRight : 5/20/2019 7:59 am : link
Had surgery and got 20+ good years of playing basketball year round. Then it started swelling after every game and I had to quit. I ran for ten years. Now I can barely do that. Looking at an early knee replacement, age 56. Definitely going to rehab the crap out of it before that.
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