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Who is your favorite retired Giants' RB and why?

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/19/2019 12:10 pm
The top 10 rushers in team history are:

- Tiki Barber
- Rodney Hampton
- Joe Morris
- Brandon Jacobs
- Alex Webster
- Ahmad Bradshaw
- Ron Johnson
- Frank Gifford
- Doug Kotar
- Eddie Price
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The Baby Bulls 1965.  
Aaron Thomas : 5/19/2019 2:46 pm : link
Second year RBs Steve Thurlow and Ernie Wheelwright were joined by rookies Tucker Frederickson, Chuck Mercein, and Ernie Koy. Mercein went on to play a big part in the Ice Bowl.
Bradshaw and Jacobs.  
madgiantscow009 : 5/19/2019 3:03 pm : link
Linebackers liked to blitz against other teams.
mpinmaine : 5/19/2019 3:18 pm : link
Been a Giants fan since 1956, and Tiki is my guy  
GeofromNJ : 5/19/2019 3:30 pm : link
Once he overcame his fumbling issues, no Giants runner could pick holes at the line of scrimmage and then outrun pursuers.
I'm surprised so few said Ron Jonhson.  
BlueLou'sBack : 5/19/2019 3:39 pm : link
If you are over 60 but not old enough to go back to Gifford, Ron Johnson is easily, and I think far and away, the most talented RB ever to play for Big Blue. Until Saquon, who has already raised the bar. All he needed was a 9 inch crack in the D front 7.
Mark from Jersey : 5/19/2019 3:40 pm : link
did everything a RB needs to do. Ran like he was mad at the grass. Always finished his runs, falling forward.
Ron Johnson  
George : 5/19/2019 3:41 pm : link
For a brief moment in the early 1970s, he made me believe the Giants might actually be a good team. Injuries destroyed his career, but not my gratitude to him for being awesome in the short period he was active for us.
Jim Bur(n)t : 5/19/2019 3:41 pm : link
Ran angry & with purpose.. 1a - Rodney Hampton.. He was Soooooth..
In the moment....  
Eli Wilson : 5/19/2019 3:55 pm : link

Looking back, Meggett should be removed because of being a scumbag and Carpenter should be lower, but I loved that guy.
My favorite is Rob Carpenter  
loafin : 5/19/2019 3:59 pm : link
When the Giants traded for him he instantly made the Giants have a decent running game. He was such a joy to watch with his cutback runs.

My favorite on the list is Joe Morris

RE: RE: ...  
jnoble : 5/19/2019 4:08 pm : link
In comment 14448802 Gmanfandan said:
In comment 14448780 Eric from BBI said:


It's difficult to believe that there are virtually no highlights of Rodney Hampton as a Giant on YouTube.

Here is Joe Morris' breakout season...
Joe Morris Highlights: 1985 Rushing Touchdowns - ( New Window )

Adding insult to injury probably his best game is known as the Emmitt Smith shoulder injury game - Emmitt dominated the first half but Rodney took control in the second. Game ending kick sent Dallas to a bye week and (eventually) we get to go to SF and watch LT's last game. But Hampton took over the second half in that game and it goes unnoticed.

You can thank Dan Reeve's lousy conservative play calling in the 4th quarter for that loss
RE: Tiki Barber  
jnoble : 5/19/2019 4:09 pm : link
In comment 14448804 allstarjim said:
He was the best of them all and between him and OBJ, the best offensive weapons in franchise history.

If only he stuck around one more year he probably would've had a ring
Rodney Hampton and OJ Anderson, they were both work horses and  
SterlingArcher : 5/19/2019 4:10 pm : link
did whatever it took to win.
Brandon Jacobs  
jnoble : 5/19/2019 4:12 pm : link
My favorite description of his style was that he ran like a garbage truck that just lost its brakes on a steep decline

Hampton before he lost his wheels via overuse was good too.

2000-2006 Tiki was awesome. Even better when Coughlin came in and fixed his fumbling
Tiki Barber  
section125 : 5/19/2019 4:15 pm : link
simply the best.

Most fun/easy to root for:
Brandon Jacobs

Close 2nd :
Ahmed Bradshaw

Honorable mention:
Joe Morris
Jacobs or Bradshaw out of pure toughness  
Eric on Li : 5/19/2019 4:16 pm : link
both guys were amazing at blitz pickup and just set an identity for the offense. Injuries shortened both careers and limited their explosiveness but they battled every down they played and each made big plays on the way to championships.
Not going to put him in the pantheon, but  
CT Charlie : 5/19/2019 4:43 pm : link
I wish David Wilson had had a long career. He had an effortless natural burst that was fun to watch, and I think he would have overcome the fumbles.
D. Wilson 327 yard game - ( New Window )
Can't narrow it down to one.  
Blue21 : 5/19/2019 5:23 pm : link
Morris, Carpenter, Hampton, and Tiki. Love em all. I know, I know Carpenter? He was a beast when we had nothing. He kept us in games.
Heck ya, and how could I forget Jacobs and Bradshaw.  
Blue21 : 5/19/2019 5:26 pm : link
Too many to narrow down to one. Hell I gotta include OJ Anderson.Love all these backs.
Iím 64 so I donít remember Gifford that well.  
richynyc : 5/19/2019 5:51 pm : link
Loved Little Joe and our first Lombardi Trophy he helped deliver at the Rose Bowl. And Rockiní Rodney had incredible talent but too short a career. Special shout out to OJ for that forearm shiver in Tampa that helped us to our second Lombardi. And to that two-headed tandem of Jacobs and Bradshaw.

But Tiki was probably the best and most productive back Iíve seen in my 60 years of being a Giants fan...until now. And while we are only one year in and that does not a career make, I think if Saquon stays healthy - a very big IF for a RB - he has the most far. So letís hope, both for him and us Giantsí fans, that he ends up having the long and productive career we all want!
Tiki...all day long  
Bold Ruler : Mod : 5/19/2019 5:55 pm : link
I'm my 43 years we've never had a RB like Tiki until Saquon. Tiki would take games on his back and win them on his own. He was incredible. His mouth after his playing career have soured many and tainted his legacy...but he's the best RB Ive ever seen career wise, in a Giants uniform.
Gotta be Bradshaw for me  
Leg of Theismann : 5/19/2019 5:58 pm : link
He was the heart and soul of the 2007-2012 Coughlin Giants. Just a fiery competitor.
Not to mention  
Leg of Theismann : 5/19/2019 5:58 pm : link
Love that Bradshaw was a 7th round pick. What a steal. Gotta love a guy with a chip on his shoulder.
Carpenter was a great Giant. I recall he actually played as a FB.  
Ivan15 : 5/19/2019 6:13 pm : link
Ron Johnson played through injuries that now might have been prevented or treated more easily.

Kotar was just a good guy you wanted to root for.

Tiki and Hampton were pretty complete players and both were above Morris who was not a good receiver.

I can go back to the Ď50s, Gifford could do everything but I missed his best years. I remember him getting knocked out, sitting for a year and coming back to replace Kyle Rote at flanker.

Rote and Frederickson were my favorite players.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 5/19/2019 6:14 pm : link
Tiki was the best I saw, but not a fan of his.
RE: Sean Bennett...  
sober297 : 5/19/2019 7:13 pm : link
In comment 14448672 Brown_Hornet said:

Then Tiki Barber, B.Jac and of course Joe Morris.
Sean Bennett, what might have been....
Rodney Hampton highlights  
Canton : 5/19/2019 7:19 pm : link
Link - ( New Window )
Hampton, Morris and Bradshaw for me...  
Torrag : 5/19/2019 7:24 pm : link
though Jacobs trucking woodson will always be one of my favorite Giants plays ...ever.
It sounds like some of you  
gidiefor : Mod : 5/19/2019 7:58 pm : link
were too young to remember Rodney Hampton -- he was an amazing running back and very productive -- he is/was my favorite -- but I also liked Brandon Jacobs a lot.
Rodney Hampton  
Scuzzlebutt : 5/19/2019 8:31 pm : link
Early in his career he had it all - speed, power, vision... played on some really awful teams and was the focus of every D, but was a complete stud.

I will go to my grave believing he was just as good as Emmit Smith, but did not have the good fortune to play on those 90ís Cowboy teams. The Giants rode Hampton into the ground and his career was too short.
When I read the question  
joeinpa : 5/19/2019 8:35 pm : link
First name that came to mind was Ron Johnson, for all the reasons listed.

But there are many on that list who I feel special about

Carpenter. Gifford, Morris, most of them
Brandon Jacobs  
rasbutant : 5/19/2019 9:36 pm : link
So fun to watch him run over people.
RE: RE: Sean Bennett...  
jnoble : 5/19/2019 9:51 pm : link
In comment 14449127 sober297 said:
In comment 14448672 Brown_Hornet said:



Then Tiki Barber, B.Jac and of course Joe Morris.

Sean Bennett, what might have been....

All he did was get hurt
Brandon Jacobs  
Mr. Nickels : 5/19/2019 9:54 pm : link
mythical size
I have three Morrison, Johnson, Gifford  
yalebowl : 5/19/2019 11:52 pm : link
Joe Morrison played with both Ron Johnson and Frank Gifford.
His number 40 was retired after a 15 year career. He played about six different positions offense and defense. In his last year when he was fifth on the depth chart he was still playing special teams.

Ron Johnson had a career that was cut short by injuries but had two 1000 yard seasons. He was a throw in with the trade for Jim Kanicki when we sent Homer Jones to Cleveland. Ron Johnson was best at picking up yards with a pass in the backfield from Fran Tarkenton. Tucker Frederickson was his fullback. Bobby Duhon another running back from that era married Tuckerís sister.

So many greats like O J Anderson, Joe Morris, Rodney Hampton, Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradsaw, and now Saquon Barkley.

Frank Gifford was a halfback who threw the option pass. In the backfield with Alex Webster, Mel Triplett, Kyle Rote, Joe Morrison, Phil King and others. After a devastating injury from Chuck Bednarek Gifford moved over to flanker after sitting out a year. First with CBS doing color and then ABC with MNF he became an announcer doing play-by-play.
Hard to choose but  
Bluesbreaker : 5/20/2019 2:00 am : link
Start with Ron Johnson just a tough SOB and I really
was't crazy about losing Homer Jones he was so fun to
watch Nothing better than a 98 yard TG from Earl Morrall
Doug Kotar not real gifted but he fought hard and took
a beating . Joe Morris one of my all time favorites
sat around for three years while Butch Woolfolk literally
did much of nothing Tiki Barber underrated IMO but
he gave it his all .
Jacobs just a man child that nobody like to tackle .
Bradshaw was like a wolverine with a football helmet loved him with Jacobs great tandem .
Rodney Hampton could do it all and watching him just
punish Dallas was such a Joy .
Rob Carpenter was a nice addition it had been so long /since a Giant RB could score on a run longer that 15
yards he really help change the offense at that time .
So we have gone from Guys like Bobby Duhon
to Saquon Barkley talk about going from a Rambler to
a Roadrunner with a Hemi .
Can't wait to see Barkley again , Imagine a much better
O-line and a full season under his belt were gonna see
perhaps the best Season a Giant RB we have ever seen
maybe best ever NFL back we have ever seen please let
him stay healthy !!!!!!
Hampton for me...  
trueblueinpw : 5/20/2019 7:18 am : link
He was a great back, a champion and heís made an impact in the lives of others since he retired. Heís a Giant we can all be proud of. Link below to a where are they now. Hamp has some interesting things to say about Pepper Johnson and how he really helped Hamptonís career.
Where RH now... - ( New Window )
Big Blue '56 : 5/20/2019 7:28 am : link
Oops, RETIRED!  
Big Blue '56 : 5/20/2019 7:29 am : link
Joe Morris,  
RollBlue : 5/20/2019 8:43 am : link
was a big fan when he played at SU. Written off as a bad pick in 2nd round behind Wolfork, when on to become an all time great NYG RB.
Since 3-12-1 I've  
Nolan64 : 5/20/2019 9:14 am : link
Watched Joe Morris be our wrecking ball 5'-7" of tough I will run you over.
OJ Anderson was a bully.
Rodney Hampton bad luck having Ray Handley as coach. Maras folly.
Tiki Barber the best at it all after TC helped fix the fumblitis.
Brandon Jacobs hated Dallas ans sbowed it every time they played.
Ahmad Bradshaw 7th rd be damned. He was the beating heart of 2 SB teams.
I've enjoyed all that they provided the NY Football Giants fans wonderdul memories each special in their own way. Thanks
Brandon Jacobs  
Jimmy Googs : 5/20/2019 9:18 am : link
for no other reason that we have crossed paths a few times here in Atlanta over the years. He teaches the game to youths across the area.
Ottis Anderson  
Capt. Don : 5/20/2019 9:25 am : link
was my favorite Giant growing up.

I would never say he was the best Giant RB, but he was certainly my favorite. Rodney Hampton would be 2nd.
Love 'em all...  
M.S. : 5/20/2019 10:19 am : link

...but Tiki was the best.

His short area quickness was magical, and his ability to visualize the blocking in front of him before it even occurred was second to none! And his ability to veer into an open lane was a thing of beauty.

The only "negative" I can say about him is that Diehl, Seubert, O'Hara, Snee and McKenzie opened up some huge whopping running lanes.
Tiki hands down  
bc4life : 5/20/2019 10:38 am : link
Lot tougher than many give him credit for
Like Bradshaw too  
bc4life : 5/20/2019 10:40 am : link
and Brandon Jacobs just because of who he is. Still think his blitz pickup of Trent Cole was one of the nastiest blocks I've seen
RE: Tiki hands down  
bw in dc : 5/20/2019 12:17 pm : link
In comment 14449697 bc4life said:
Lot tougher than many give him credit for

Right now, and pending Barkley's career, Barber is undoubtedly the best RB in NYG's history.

The guy drove me crazy for a long time, but his last five years are in the discussion as the greatest consecutive five years in the history of the game for a RB.
Rob Carpenter  
RobCarpenter : 5/20/2019 4:08 pm : link
hence my handle.
David Wilson  
NephilimGiants : 5/20/2019 4:27 pm : link
One of those Reece's pieces that kept on giving
what... no Gary Brown?  
wigs in nyc : 5/20/2019 4:30 pm : link
or Joe Montgomery?
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