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Monday Media Transcript: CB Sam Beal

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/20/2019 4:24 pm
CB Sam Beal -- May 20, 2019

Q: How great did it feel to be out there and healthy?
A: Good, I feel like I should be out there. Last year I sat around and watched. It feels good to be able out there.

Q: With the opportunity to hang around last year and learn the defense, do you feel like you are playing faster considering you werenít able to go out there and execute, do you feel all that studying helped you?
A: It did, learning from the older guys and having veteran coaches to teach me. So, it made me smart so when I got out there today it connected and everything went down.

Q: Was today a big day for you?
A: It was. The first day out there in a year. It felt good.

Q: Are you worried about the shoulder at this point?
A: No, I donít think about, I canít think about it.

Q: Do you feel more like a rookie or more like a veteran?
A: I mean I canít say. I havenít touched the field yet. Play like both though, play like a veteran but feel like a rookie.

Q: You mentioned the veterans have been helping you out, what have they told you to make up for the physical part on the field?
A: When things get bad because when I get out there I might forget something you never know Ė you have to react, you are going to react the wrong way or the right way. I try to react the right way.

Q: What do you like about this group of young defensive backs?
A: They are all competitive. All ready to work, everybody raising their hand ready to ask questions.

Q: Who is the most competitive?
A: I canít leave it on one person, we are all competitive. We all believe in each other. We all make each other competitive.

Q: What was your feeling, when you started seeing them draft corners in the draft?
A: I got some work. NYPD (New York Pass Defense), the new NYPD.

Q: When you have so many rookies, does that add to the expectation for you not to be a rookie?
A: When they came in, I had to explain something to them. Just because I havenít played doesnít mean I canít coach them too. When they came around, I gave them some advice just like the older guys gave me. Coach let us know the same thing, help the younger guys even though Iím a young guy too. Iíve been here, so I have to help them.

Q: Was there ever a thought of trying to play through it last year?
A: I actually did. I played through it for like a week with the shoulder messed up, then they finally let me know I should get the surgery.

Q: What were you thinking when you went on to the field today?
A: Just compete. Today they told me I was going be with the ones so I got excited. Go out there and show them what I can do.

Q: You think you can stay with the ones?
A: Oh yeah, no doubt. Flying around Ė I love flying around and competing with those guys makes it fun.

Q: Any concerns with the shoulder?
A: I donít even think about it. With the rehab all offseason, I didnít go home, I stayed here just to rehab. I donít even think about anymore, I just go out there and get my feet wet, itís all about footwork.

Q: Are you interested in getting that first hit?
A: Thatís going to be the fun part. I feel good, I feel strong.

Q: How do you prepare for contact?
A: Hitting big bags, boxing, a lot of pushups. Basically, landing making sure your arms hit the ground hard making sure you get that feeling. You donít want it to be too different when you get out there, so I do a lot to get some of that back.

Q: Did doctors tell you anything about the possibility of it being a problem going forward?
A: Its really up to me. Iím going to work hard. I know itís secure. The more I do the more secure its going to be. I try to work hard to make sure itís secure.

Q: Tell us about the play where you tipped it up to Jabrill?
A: I just saw the quarterback staring him down, I have some good eyes. I could see how he was looking. Just played my part. Right place right time.

Q: The goal there is to tip it straight up and hope someone gets it?
A: The goal is to pick it. I got a hand up there.

Q: Do you consider yourself a physical corner?
A: Yes sir.

Q: Was your rehab for your shoulder different than the rehab before you ended up having the surgery last year?
A: When you get to the NFL you have a lot of specialists. I feel like the guys here were real helpful. The strength and conditioning coach and the trainers took a lot of time out for me. I had a lot of one-on-one time with them.

Q: Do you think you are better prepared for a starting job now compared to a year ago?
A: Yeah, just film work. It actually puts you on a different level. You see stuff that you have already seen on film, so it kind of helps me. So yes I could say that.

Q: What was that like for you last year?
A: I never really sat out, well my freshman year I did. I havenít sat out a football game since I was (inaudible) so it was different for me. I got used to it, just learning and watching film. Like I said I had veteran guys around teaching me. It was helpful for me actually.
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